The Basics


24th January – 18th March 2018


Waterloo, London.


VAULT Festival is London’s biggest and boldest annual arts festival, hosting hundreds of events each year; reaching across theatre, comedy, film, live performance, and more.

“A major London festival … showcasing new and rising talent.”
The Independent

“The epitome of underground theatre… a cavernous treasure trove… the spirit of the Fringe is alive, well and thriving in SE1.”
A Younger Theatre

Our Mission Statement

VAULT will fill and expand our cultural imaginations, and encourage audiences to fill their lives with creativity, adventure, and inspiration.

VAULT will always create the most accessible platform for creators to innovate, collaborate, explore and achieve and through which audiences can discover the bravest and boldest artistry.

VAULT will fulfil equally the interests of our three creative bodies; the artists, the audience, and our staff. We will create the opportunity of most value for all three parts and champion their involvement.

VAULT is committed to change; working to create an ever-improving platform and industry where artists, audiences, and staff are respected, supported and championed in a fully inclusive and diverse community.

Our core values are Opportunity, Equality, Trust, Personality and Kindness.

Join Us Underground in 2018 for the Sixth Year of VAULT Festival.

VAULT is London’s biggest arts festival, and from January 24th, hundreds of new shows, events and performances will explode across our Waterloo home.

“Goes from strength to strength with a vibrant, varied programme full of theatrical treats… a brilliant place to spot new talent…”
The Stage

Eight undiluted weeks of entertainment for London. From top notch comedy to thrilling drama, from table-top stomping music to an eye-popping film selection.

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“Features the most exciting emerging companies around”

“If you want to support the arts, VAULT Festival is the way to go about it”

We want VAULT Festival to be the people’s festival. For eight weeks, join this carnival of experience, filled with entertainment and unexpected adventure. From hard-hitting drama to outrageous comedy, from circus to late-night parties, VAULT takes in the bravest and best of the next generation of creators.

VAULT is built around the audience, the artists, and the staff, exploiting no one. Come and see what the people have made: there’s a conversation every single night about where we go from here.

“The business model for the creative industries is broken. Providers of content make peanuts, while the controllers of the infrastructure… walk away with extraordinary profits … How can we transfer wealth to the people who generated it?”
Patrick Collinson, The Guardian, 29/8/15

We’re trying to effect change in the creative sector and make it sustainable for both the artist and the festival. What we give is space: to innovate, take risks and cooperate with each other. We don’t charge rent. We do take 30% of box office, towards covering our costs. The artists get the other 70%. Simple.

The VAULT Story

“One of the most diverse and eclectic lineups of any arts festival in the capital.”
This Is Cabaret

“You could be in Hogarth’s London, so bursting is it with unruly, gamey life”
The Independent

VAULT Festival was created in 2012 around a triangle of the audience, the artists, and the staff. With contributions from Silent Opera, future Fringe First-winners Katie Bonna & Richard Marsh and several others, an exciting artist-led programme began to emerge, playing to 7,500 people.

VAULT 2014 featured adaptations of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas and Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden. We almost doubled our lineup: including acts like Superbolt Theatre, Nabokov, and Dawn State, and comedians like Luisa Omielan, Sara Pascoe & Yve Blake. Audiences grew to 22,500.

VAULT 2015 was a huge step up in the quality of the festival.Forza Win created an Italian restaurant at the heart of a programme of over 100 artists. Our growing team of festival staff welcomed over 30,000 people to the Festival. Emma Thompson told us we were “the future of theatre”.

VAULT 2016 saw 40,000 guests come down to see a line-up that included a new Film Festival, a wildly entertaining family programme, and a bigger-than-ever roster of artists, who could blame them? The Suffolk Punch restaurant served up fine produce from the coast made by the Suffolk Young Producers.

VAULT 2017 welcomed 50,000 people as we welcomed The Network Theatre into the festival programme and featured brand new vehicle-venues orbiting the festival.

In 2018, we’re lucky to be joined by over 320 artistic groups presenting work. We’re also very excited to announce the inclusion in the programme of the excellent Waterloo East Theatre, as well as other eclectic spaces in an around Waterloo, thanks to our new friends at We Are Waterloo. We’re intensely proud of the artists who are joining us for 2018 – it’s their festival, and it’s yours too.

The Team

VAULT Festival is produced by the Heritage Arts Company.

Festival Directors – Mat Burt, Andy George & Tim Wilson
Comedy Festival Producer – Bríd Kirby
Film Festival Producer – James King

Director of Communications – Mat Burt
Deputy Directors of Communications – Jessica Clarke & Josh Morrall
Customer Services Manager – Rhea Heath
Sales & Information Manager – Carmel Macaree
Director of Strategy – Tim Wilson
Director of Production – Andy George
Finance & General Management – Scamp Solutions
Technical Manager – David Lam
Deputy Technical Managers – Rich Irvine & Ryan Beattie
Buildings & Site Managers – Hannah Wallis & Izzy Tyndall Bristow
Production Coordinator & Office Manager – Ursula Kerswell
Heads of Lighting – Paul Walmsley & Sarah Readman
Head of Sound – Daffyd Gough
Deputy Head of Sound – Tord Brudevoll
Art Director – Thomas Kirk Shannon
Front of House Manager – Thomas Wales
Duty Manager & Co-FOH Manager – Becky Brown
Festival Assistant and Co-FOH Manager – Viviania Bianchini
Quartermaster – George Islay Calderwood

PR – Full Fat |
Marketing – Joe Public |
Web & Design – Crucible Creative |
Accountancy – Raedan |

Principle Partner – We Are Waterloo

Charity Partners

For 2018, VAULT is supporting two important causes: The Passage & HeForShe.

The Passage, a London based homeless charity, provides a wide range of services all year round to vulnerable and homeless people. Their mission is to provide resources which encourage, inspire and challenge homeless people to transform their lives. The Passage tackles the issues that are contributing to, and keeping them, on the street and also provides further tenancy and employment support to ensure that where ever possible these men and women do not return to homelessness.

‘We are so pleased Vault Festival has chosen us to be one of their charity partners, it’s such an exciting festival and we are really proud to be involved and getting support from both the festival and it’s audience, especially at a time of year when our clients find things particularly difficult.’
Mick Clarke, The Passage CEO

When you buy any ticket to VAULT Festival, you’ll be given the chance to donate to The Passage. Every donation goes towards helping The Passage tackle homelessness in London. The Passage are proud to say 95p in every £1 they receive in donations goes directly towards supporting homeless and vulnerable people.

The world is at a turning point. People everywhere understand and support the idea of gender equality. They know it’s not just a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. And when these powerful voices are heard, they will change the world. The time for that change is now.

HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. And it starts by taking action right now to create a gender equal world

Sponsors & Partners

VAULT is proud to work with a number of sponsors and partners.