Our Policies

We want VAULT Festival to be a safe, sustainable, and welcoming space. We’ve created these policies for staff, visiting artists and audiences to make it clear what we mean.

Safer Space Policy

VAULT Festival is committed to ensuring our Visiting Artists, Audiences, Staff and our Collaborators feel welcome, supported and inspired, whilst engaging with and visiting the festival.

It’s important to recognise that VAULT Festival is built by, and for, many people from different backgrounds.

Therefore, in everything we do we’ll keep the following commitments in mind, and we actively encourage all of our participants groups to support us in doing so as well.

We politely ask that our Audiences, Visiting Artists, Staff and Collaborators:
VAULT Festival will follow all of the above, and also:

If you would like to raise any issues or concerns, then please email us at info@vaultfestival.com.

Sustainability Policy

VAULT Festival is committed to and actively working towards an environmentally sustainable industry. We understand that the event we manage has an environmental, social, and economic impact. Therefore, we’re committed to the development, implementation and continual improvement of a sustainable event management system to minimise any negative impacts of our operations. Therefore, we’ve made steps this year to further improve our commitment to sustainability and we have outlined below how you can do the same.

For 2020, we are partnering with Staging Change. They are a performer-led organisation, who supports artists responding to the climate crisis.

What do VAULT Festival do?
What do we ask our audiences do?

Public Safety Policy

VAULT Festival is a fun, exciting and busy environment, welcoming thousands of people through the doors every day. While incidents of crime at VAULT Festival are rare, as with any busy public space in London, they can happen. We take as many precautions as possible to keep the environment safe, and recommend that you do the same.


We have security whenever we are open. Any member of the VAULT Festival team with a radio can contact security immediately. In the event you need to, please seek out the nearest member of staff (there will be at least one in every room, even if you are in a performance). The preference is that communications with security goes through the Event Manager or the Duty Manager to maintain clear lines of communication but this can be overridden in cases of emergency.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on sexual assault. VAULT Festival defines sexual assault as any activity which does not meet the standard of “affirmative consent”: yes means yes, anything else means no. If your actions are causing someone to feel unsafe or threatened we reserve the right to remove and bar you from the venue immediately.

We operate a zero tolerance on verbal and physical abuse, whether committed against staff, artists, or the public. VAULT Festival defines abuse to include sexist, racist and homophobic speech, whether delivered in a direct or indirect manner. If your actions are causing someone to feel unsafe or threatened we reserve the right to remove and bar you from the venue immediately.

We operate the “Ask For Angela” policy, designed to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. If you feel unsafe or threatened approach the bar and advise any member of the team you need to speak to Angela. They will be able to assist you.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs and substances. Anyone found distributing or using illegal drugs or substances on site will be removed, immediately, and barred from the venue and their details handed over to the police – this includes staff, artists, and audience.

We operate a zero tolerance policy on weapons. Anyone attempting to bring weapons to site will be removed, barred from the venue, and reported to the police.

There are several First Aid trained VAULT Festival staff members on the premises every night. In the event of a medical incident, please seek out the nearest member of staff; they will know who to call and what to do.

We have detailed evacuation plans in case of fire, terrorist incident or other emergency. In the event of evacuation (or Invacuation), please remain calm, quiet and listen for instructions from the nearest staff member. We recommend anyone spending time in London read up on the Government’s Stay Safe information and follow the “Run, Hide, Tell” advice as closely as possible in the event of an incident.

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