Anti-Racism Policy

VAULT Creative Arts should be a place where everyone feels welcome to tell their stories and for us collectively, to change our world for the better. We recognise that racism exists, in society as well as within the arts and cultural sector, and are committed to be part of implementing long lasting change. We acknowledge the intersectional nature of racism. We will not tolerate racism is any form, and are committed to being an anti-racist organisation.

Our Commitment to our Staff:

• We will provide training and support to help one another identify racism and racist microaggressions within the organisation.

• We will provide an anonymous, confidential form to allow all staff members and volunteers to report racism that they experience, witness, or suspect within the workplace. A formal grievance procedure will also be made available also.

• We will make the mental health of our staff who experience racism a priority.

Our Commitment to our Artists & Audiences:

• We will provide training to our staff members on communicating with artists & audiences from different backgrounds.

• We will actively promote our Anti-Racism Policy to all of our stakeholders.

• We will proactively adapt & review our policies as and when required by any context arising.

• We will programme a diverse, accessible, and inclusivity focussed programme of work and support artists who experience racism to present their work and reach their audiences.

Our Anti-Racism Action Plan

We are working with our Board of Trustees to implement the following actions:

• We will listen. We will listen to our staff, artists, audiences and collaborators to ensure our actions are relevant and responsive;

• We will ensure that race is an overt topic addressed within our organisation and not overshadowed and ignored by cognitive diversity, gender diversity, etc.

• We will recruit and retain ethnically diverse talent and expertise on our Board of Trustees, to lead the organisation.

• We will increase and maintain representation in staff roles across all levels;

• We will diversify our recruitment strategy as to where roles are promoted and advertised;

• We will promote positive action in our recruitment;

• We will provide annual Unconscious Bias Training and Anti-Racism training for staff members;

• We will build in accountability measures for aggressions and discriminatory behaviour

• We will collect & review data on the representation of the organisation and our programme, including cast and creative teams of artists.


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