Safe Spaces Policy

VAULT Creative Arts is committed to ensuring our Artists, Audiences, Staff and our Collaborators feel welcome, supported and inspired, whilst engaging with, and visiting the festival.

It’s important to recognise that VAULT Creative Arts is built by, and for, many people from different backgrounds.

Therefore, in everything we do we’ll keep the following commitments in mind, and we will continue to encourage all of our participants groups to support us in doing so as well.

VAULT Creative Arts will follow the following principles and we politely ask that our Artists, Staff and Collaborators:

Promote the culture of care and responsibility when working with and visiting VAULT Creative Arts, to help make the festival an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We all need to consider how we behave, speak and act towards others and promote kindness and respect at all times.

• Understand and respect that everyone’s individual beliefs and perspectives are different, and to approach discussions in a respectful and considerate way.

• Hold a zero tolerance approach to any form of verbal or physical abuse. Any form of racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks are not acceptable. If an individual’s actions are causing someone to feel unsafe and/or threatened, we reserve the right to remove and bar them from the venue immediately.

• Are aware of your own alcohol consumption and understand your, and your friends limits whilst in our venues. Have fun, in a safe and responsible way.

• Are aware they can ask for support at any time whilst visiting the festival by speaking to our FOH, Bar or Security staff. Please be confident that we’ll support you in a situation that you feel uncomfortable in.

• Respect the local area, residents and businesses when arriving and leaving the venue at all hours

• Respect our Staff at all times. Be kind and respectful to them, they are there to help make your visit the best it can be.

In addition, VAULT Creative Arts will also:

• Make sure our Staff are trained in how to foster a safe space environment at the festival to the best of our ability.

• Display our Safe Space Policy on our website for our Customers, on our Artist Resources page and in our shared office space for our Staff, alongside advertising relevant support services.


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