VAULT Festival is for everyone. A lot of our audience members have different needs, and we’re constantly trying to ensure that everyone’s festival experience is perfect. This page contains information about Accessibility at the festival – but if you have a specific question, please email and we’ll get back to you swiftly.

Wheelchair Access

All venues at The Vaults and Network Theatre are wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair Accessible Directions to The Vaults:
Leave Waterloo Station via Exit 2. Turn right onto Waterloo Road. Continue along Waterloo Road until you reach Baylis Road on the right hand side. Turn onto Baylis Road and continue pass Spur Road. Turn right onto Lower Marsh (you will see Cubana restaurant on the left). Continue up Lower Marsh until you reach Leake Street graffiti tunnel on the right hand side. Go down the ramp and continue along Leake Street. The entrance to The Vaults will be on your right.

Unfortunately the Travelling Through Bookshop, Horse & Stables and Vaulty Towers are not currently wheelchair accessible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Front of House ( in advance if you have any questions or requirements.

We can usually offer free Accompanying Personal Assistant/Companion tickets, so please let us know in advance if that would be helpful.

Performance Types

We encourage shows at VAULT, where possible, to present Relaxed, Captioned or Signed performances which may be a more comfortable experience for some audience members.

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but the environment has been specifically adapted for audiences and individuals with sensory and communication disorders, those with learning disabilities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Womans (Like Romans but with a ‘W’) – 30 Jan – 3 Feb

Fix Us – 1 Feb

Ben Target: Work in Progress – 7 Feb

Jericho – 10 Feb

Jade City – 10 Feb

Orangutan – 10 Feb, 3pm

Full Moon Cabaret – 14 & 15 Feb

Everywoman – 16 Feb. This performance is also baby friendly.

Ladybones – 23 Feb

The Lovely Bug Ball – 23 & 24 Feb

One Duck Down – 24 Feb

It’s Not A Sprint – 3 Mar

Galvanise – 2 Mar

Work Bitch – 2 Mar

Battleacts – 6 – 10 Mar

3 Billions Seconds – 9 Mar

Bobby & Amy – 10 Mar

Access Platform – 13 & 14 Mar

10 – 16 Mar (3pm performance)

Captioned Performances

At a captioned performance the words are displayed on a screen (or screens), placed near the stage or in the set or via handheld captioning equipment, and can be seen at the same time as they are spoken or sung.

Woman! Pilot! Pirate? – 27 Feb – 3 Mar

Orangutan – 6 – 10 Mar

The Talented Mr Ripley – 13 – 17 Mar

Signed Performances

A BSL interpreter will stand in a visible position and interpret the spoken and heard elements of a performance.

Ladybones – 23 Feb

BattleActs – 8 Mar

Touch Tours

Touch tours give blind or partially sighted audiences access to the stage and set before a performance is a way of firming up the descriptive information they may have already received.

The Lovely Bug Ball – 24 Feb