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“Hurrah, too, for the VAULT Festival… which fills the tunnels underneath Waterloo station with visual and aural roar.”
The Guardian

“one of the linchpins of the theatrical year and a key event in London’s cultural calendar”
The Stage

“Cutting edge, experimental and innovative theatre”
What’s On Stage

“some of London’s most exciting new and grassroots theatre, cabaret and comedy”
Time Out

With a tremendous digital and physical reach, VAULT Festival appeals to experience-seeking, culturally engaged audiences across London and beyond. VAULT Festival’s audience has grown by more than 900% in six years, making it the fastest growing Arts Festival in the UK, and the biggest in London. From January to March 2020, we expect to welcome more than 80,000 people through our doors.

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Our audience is diverse, social and highly engaged. They seek innovative cultural experiences and are highly likely to share content through social media. With more than 70,000 followers and subscribers across our digital marketing channels, and a constantly rising footfall, advertising with us on social media as well as in our print and digital publications is the perfect way to reach our active and involved audience.

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We’ve got a range of advertising and promotional options available across our print and digital marketing platforms. We offer bespoke advertising options to best suit your brand’s needs and connect with our audience in the most effective way.

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