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“Cutting edge, experimental and innovative theatre”
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VAULT Festival is the UK’s leading independent festival of live performance, featuring thousands of sensational performances across theatre, comedy, cabaret, immersive experiences, and late night entertainment, created by the most exciting artists of our time. With multiple promotional options available including bespoke packages, advertising with VAULT Festival places your brand at the heart of one of London’s most exciting and talked-about cultural events.

Why advertise with VAULT Festival?

VAULT Festival appeals to experience-seeking, culturally engaged audiences across London and beyond. Our 2023 Festival is our biggest programme yet, expected to attract more than 90,000 audience members, and achieve 2.5 million webpage views.

Our audience is diverse, social and highly engaged. They seek innovative cultural experiences and are highly likely to share content through social media. With more than 90,000 followers and subscribers across our digital marketing channels, and a constantly rising footfall, advertising with us across our digital and print publications is the perfect way to reach our active and involved audience.

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To advertise with us, and gain access to up to 90,000 engaged VAULT Festival followers contact:
Laura Evans | Marketing Manager | [email protected]


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