Get ready to unlock the secrets of London like never before with VAULT’s newest immersive experience: VAULT Quests!

Embark on thrilling journeys of discovery, where you’ll find yourself engrossed in a world of intrigue, exploration, and puzzle-solving, all while traversing the historic and vibrant city of London. Every corner holds a hidden clue, every landmark conceals a mystery, and every street is a pathway to new and exciting journeys. VAULT Quests is designed to awaken the adventurer within you, as you delve into the heart of the capital city, uncovering its hidden gems and unveiling its long-kept secrets.

Our inaugural quest, ‘A Bridge Through Time,’ is out now! A voyage that stretches from the dawn of World War II to this very day.

Everyone knows about Bletchley Park. The home of Allied code-breaking, the men and women who decrypted the enigma machine with a pipe in one hand and a Telegraph crossword in the other. But not everyone knows that Bletchley Park wasn’t alone – that the intelligence community had strongholds up and down the country – secret societies, covert operatives and operations, hidden in plain sight, playing their part for the good of the nation.

Let us tell you the story of one such organisation.. are you ready to step into a Bridge Through Time?

How does it work?

Whether you prefer to travel with a group of like-minded explorers or embark on a solo adventure, VAULT Quests is recommended for up to 6 people. The city becomes your playground as you follow the trail of clues from your phone, sent to you via a chat messaging service – no need to download anything. The quest lasts 2-3 hours depending on rest stops. You’ll navigate through historical landmarks, iconic sites, and lesser-known corners of London, piecing together the intricate puzzle and crossing A Bridge Through Time. Once you’ve booked your ticket, you can play anytime within the next two months.

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