Apply To VAULT Festival

Applications for VAULT Festival 2020 are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who made an application. We’re reading them now – we’ll be in touch with everyone as soon as we can.

Our Principles

VAULT Festival is built around five core values:
Opportunity, Equality, Honesty, Respect and Kindness.

VAULT Festival is a multi-arts and entertainment platform. Its primary purpose is to provide a place for live performance of all genres and styles to flourish in a supportive environment, accessible to a multitude of artists and audiences.

We consider these with our four participant groups: our audience, our visiting companies, our team and our collaborators. We are constantly striving to make the festival better, and every decision is made with our values and participant groups in mind.

Artistic Aims

At VAULT Festival, our goal each year is to create a broad programme of events which is stylistically and narratively varied, and which will attract the widest range of audience interests and demographics possible.

We aim to encompass a whole spectrum of different performance styles. In the past we’ve featured all kinds of theatre, circus, clowning, comedy, cabaret, opera, dance, escape rooms, huge parties and immersive games. Everything is welcome.

We want to create an environment where artists are safe to try things out, and develop their voice – whatever that might be.

We champion diversity. We want the festival to represent the voices of London, and of the world. We want to provide a platform for underrepresented stories and people to create and share their work.

VAULT Festival is a place of collaboration and learning, so we favour ideas with people in mind: in storytelling, in design, in approach. We’re looking to elevate the experience for the audience and participants.

We respect ambition combined with deliverability. Often big ideas are the most exciting, but we need to know you’ve got your feet on the ground, too. If you’ve got huge ambitions, make sure to let us know you’ve considered all the challenges of presenting work at VAULT Festival.

We value entertainment and challenging work equally. We’re lucky to have an engaged, thoughtful audience. Exciting work comes in all forms.

We appreciate VAULT-specific ideas. Whether it’s a brand new production or an existing show re-packaged, we like work which uses VAULT Festival’s unique atmosphere as a strength. We want to know you’ve considered the underground location, the quick turnarounds, the size of the venue & the challenges of the noise from the rumbling trains. If you have to compromise your idea too much to squeeze it into the Festival’s framework, VAULT Festival might not be the right place for it – the show should come first.

We love honesty. Who you are – whether an individual or a team – is vitally important. VAULT Festival doesn’t work without a supportive community, and works best when everyone is honest.

Keep Informed

Early Bird Applications for 2020 will close at 6pm on 26th July 2019.

The Final Application Deadline is 6pm on Friday 16th August 2019.

To make sure you hear about VAULT Festival first, please make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and keep an eye on this website.


While we hope to answer most of your specific questions about the 2020 Festival within the Application Guide, if you have any questions which you can’t find an answer to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: