“I wouldn’t mind betting that, as well as entertaining, a lot of this will teach, educate and develop people too because there’s nothing mainstream, about any of it.”
The Stage

VAULT Festival is a multi-arts and entertainment platform. Its primary purpose is to provide a place for live performance of all genres and styles to flourish in a supportive environment, accessible to a multitude of artists and audiences.

VAULT Festival began in 2012 with a handful of shows as an attempt to do something different. Since 2014 it’s become an annual event taking place between January and March, hosting hundreds of different performances and connecting them to the audiences they’re made for.

VAULT Festival is built around five core values:
Opportunity, Honesty, Equality, Respect and Kindness.

We consider these with our four participant groups: our audience, our visiting companies, our team and our collaborators. We are constantly striving to make the festival better, and every decision is made with our values and participant groups in mind.

We designed the festival to encourage and develop people who have a story to tell. We want people who believe in the spirit of cooperation to help us create a non-exploitative, artist-focused, audience-friendly festival right in the heart of London. The visiting shows provide the excitement and the vibrancy which gets audiences through the doors.

If you think you’ve got something which belongs at VAULT Festival, read on: we look forward to hearing from you.

See you underground.
The VAULT Festival Team