The Production

Can an artist and/or company apply with more than one production?

Yes. Simply fill out separate application forms for each show you’re applying with. But remember, each production will require a lot of work, so make sure you are not taking on too much.

My play has been performed before. Can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely. VAULT Festival programmes both new and existing work. Make sure to list in your application the previous runs the show has had, and also why it’s important that the show has another run at VAULT Festival.

My show is longer than 60 minutes. Will this negatively impact my application?

Yes and no. The majority of the available slots at VAULT Festival are an hour long, so we have room for more shows that run at 60 minutes or under. If your show is longer than 60 minutes, let us know on your application form and we can consider the options.

VAULT Festival hosted the production I want to apply with in a previous year. Will you consider taking it again?

You’re very welcome to apply. Generally, if the production had at least a full week’s run before, it’s less likely to get programmed a second time. If the show was only on for a single performance, or a couple of performances, or presented as a “work in progress/scratch” and has since developed into a finished piece, we’ll definitely consider it for a longer run. Make sure to include details on your application of how the show has developed, and what you took from your previous VAULT Festival run.

Does the script have to finished or at a completed draft stage by the final submission date?

There’s no need for a finished script by the submission deadline. We do our best to read what’s sent to us, but if you can only send in an extract or a partial script, that’s fine. Naturally the more there is to go on, the better, so do make sure to fill our your application form fully, but we can and do programme many yet-to-be-made productions.


Can I visit a venue to look around before I apply?

Unfortunately not, as they don’t exist til we build them! You are able to view images of all venues on our website here [LINK]. If your application is successful, there will be opportunities for you to look around your assigned venue before the Festival begins.

Does the Minimum Festival Commitment include the £1.50 Festival Contribution?

No, the Minimum Facilities Commitment is either 15% or 19% of the maximum gross potential (after the 3% box office commissions have been deducted) of a venue, EXCLUDING the £1.50 Festival Contributions which are added onto each ticket sold. This can be worked out as:

Seats in Venue x Number of Performances x Ticket Price. Minus 3%. Then 15% or 19% of that figure.

Does the venue I’ve chosen come equipped with a projector?

Only the Studio and Network Theatre come with a projector. You can rig projectors in other spaces but they do not come as standard.

Does my venue come with an operator?

No – though we can provide one for a fee if you ask us in advance. Please see the Additional Services & Costs page.

I’m applying to bring my own vehicle or pop-up venue. Will the same Deal apply to my production?

Possibly – it entirely depends on what your production is, and what we might need to do to fit it in with the Festival. The best thing to do is fill out your application with as much detail as you can so we’re all starting from the same page.

Are the venues wheelchair accessible?

All venues at The Vaults, and the Network Theatre are wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately the Horse & Stables and Vaulty Towers are not currently wheelchair accessible. We’ll publish additional accessibility information on any new venues as soon as we get it.

I have a question that’s not answered in the Guide. What’s the best way to get in touch?

Drop us an email at programming@vaultfestival.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

General Application Questions

Do you accept applications from artists/companies based outside of the UK?

Yes, absolutely. We welcome applications from international artists. It is worth considering that our audience is generally London based, so shows coming from abroad and outside of London will have to work harder to get an audience. Please also be aware that VAULT Festival is not able to contribute to travel or accommodation expenses and we don’t (yet) qualify for Visa Exemption.

I am a playwright and would like to apply. Will VAULT Festival produce my production?

VAULT Festival accepts applications from artists and companies for many types of production, but we do not produce shows in-house. Your application for VAULT Festival must show that you are able to bring your production to the Festival independently and to the best of your ability.

I am an actor. How do I get cast in productions at VAULT Festival?

Casting for productions at the Festival is the responsibility of the individual artists and companies. However, we do share casting calls occasionally on our social media channels, so stay tuned to those.

I have missed the application deadline. Will you still read my application?

Our application deadline exists for a reason, and we have done our best to keep applications open for as long as possible. However, we realise that extenuating circumstances exist, so get in touch with us and explain the situation and we will see what we can do. Applications received after the 24th August are much less likely to be programmed.

Do you give feedback on unsuccessful applications?

Due to the volume of applications we get, we can’t offer individual feedback.

Using Eventotron

How do I access the Application Form?

Create an account at Eventotron.com and search for “VAULT Festival 2020”.

Is there a way of saving my application so that I don’t have to do it all at once?

Yes. Eventotron will automatically save your application so that you can return to it at a later time. That said, we recommend drafting your longer answers offline, to make sure you don’t lose anything if you suffer a connection loss.

Many application questions have a word limit on the answers. Can I go into more detail?

Our application form has strict word limits where necessary to get the most concise answers possible, so carefully consider what you want to tell us. If you want to provide additional material, you can do so in the Supporting Material section of the application form.