666 Hell Lane

The Free Association

Tue 7th Feb - Wed 8th Feb
21:10 (
60 mins)
Fun / Improv / Storytelling
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Crypt
Age Guidance: 15+
May contain strong language and adult themes.

Welcome, brave visitor, to 666 Hell Lane. Pull up a creaky chair and be regaled with a story so blood curdling it would curdle the blood of even the least curdleable blood imaginable. Step inside and discover fearsome and funny stories from the UK’s spookiest staycation, brought to you by top comedy talent… and the many monsters of Hell Lane.

Guests are welcomed by the creepy Hotelier (“you can’t spell ‘hotelier’ without ‘hell’! Sort of.”) and his hilariously ghoulish staff. As the guests settle, the Hotelier takes inspiration from their peculiarities to tell a portentous scary story, cutting back and forth between the story and the hotel where it’s being told.

Featuring a team of the UK’s best improvisers, this show is one of a series of hit improv comedies presented by The Free Association at Vault, including JACUZII, FAQ, Minority Report and St Doctor’s Hospital.


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Tue 7th Feb
The Vaults
Leake Street
Wed 8th Feb
The Vaults
Leake Street

The Free Association

The Free Association (The FA) is an improv theatre company, school and corporate trainer, described by the Evening Standard as "London's Best Improv Comedy". Our mission has always been the same: to provide the best improvised comedy in the UK. On stage, we create hilarious comedy shows. In the classroom, our students develop the confidence and ability to express themselves. In business, we build an idea-friendly environment; a culture where workers can encourage, and be encouraged, to innovate in the moment.
Inspired by the success of improv theatres in the US, The FA has developed its own original improv techniques and formats, which are performed at The FA Theatre and taught at The FA School. Since we started in 2014, The FA has overseen the professional training of thousands of comedic improvisers and produced hundreds of shows in London and at the Edinburgh Festival.

Press & Reviews

Praise for previous work



“a superb masterclass in the art of improvisational comedy… I loved every minute.”

Everything Theatre


“super slick, extremely funny and something you have to experience”


"The FA know what they are doing."

Cast & Creative Team Cast: Alex Holland, Graham Dickson, Alison Thea-Skot, Mariam Haque, Kiran Benawra, Luke Healy, Kat Bond and Laura Riseborough
Producer: The Free Association


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