Absolute Crisis

Moon & Sun Theatre Company

Thu 15th Jun
21:30 (
45 mins)
Theatre & Performance
Venue: The Glitch - Spacement
Age Guidance: 15+
sexual references, mental health

Two young adults. Confused. Lost. Struggling. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE CRISIS!
Will Miya and Claire find the answers to their struggles? What is their identity? What is their sexual orientation, their gender, does it need to be defined? Are they alone with this, or can they help each other?

ABSOLUTE CRISIS is a show about two housemates on their self-discovering journey. The performance will include live music, spoken word and movement.


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Thu 15th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh


Moon & Sun Theatre Company was created by Annalena Lipinski and Bri Malaika. Both graduated from East 15 Acting School in July 2022 with a BA in Acting & Community Theatre.
ABSOLUTE CRISIS is their debut show, with hopefully many more to come.

Since graduating, Bri Malaika has been on a UK-wide tour with Toucan Theatre Company, bringing their puppetry-sensory show "The Naughty Fox" to young children and adults with cognitive learning difficulties.
She has also been part of "Phantom Peak", an immersive theatre experience in East London. During the Brighton Fringe Festival 2022 she performed with IKP Productions in an improvised Shakespeare performance.

Annalena Lipinski is currently starring at "Phantom Peak". She is touring "The Mitten", a TIE show to Southend primary schools and community centres. The show spreading awareness towards the refugee and immigration movement in Southend. They also facilitate weekly drama clubs in London and Southend primary schools. Annalena was part of this years student festival Act II, were she made her directing debut.


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