Adventures of an Old C*nt Living my Dream

Helen Prior

Wed 22nd Feb
20:15 (
60 mins)
Feel Good / Funny / Solo Show
Tickets from £8.00
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: 15+

In her solo show Adventure of an Old CxNT or Living my Dream Helen Prior tells a hilarious story of life with the help of her own curated gallery of art masterpieces. Piss your pants from laughter and get inspired. Helen is on a mission to show you how she turned a tragedy into joy and new beginnings in comedy.
Given a second chance for life after cancer, Helen embarked on all sorts of adventures. She achieved things she never dreamed about. She was always afraid of heights but learnt to fly a plain; she never was cut to dance but became a champion in ballroom dancing.; she even reached the North Pole.
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Wed 22nd Feb


Press & Reviews


"Playfully bold- faced and witty, this lady hits like late night shots of sweetened vodka.” Alfie Evans

“Her material is unique as it is strong and her performance sold her set.” Nott’s Comedy

"This is a very funny show which celebrates the C-word and those women who have their organ of life, birth and pleasure.” Lou Review

"Her material is unique as it is strong and her performance really sold her set." Nott's Review

Cast & Creative Team Directir:Roland Saunders


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