Alfie Brown: Red Flags Galore! (Work in Progress)

Alfie Brown

Wed 15th Feb - Sun 19th Mar
20:00,20:15 (
60 mins)
Solo Show / Stand-Up / Work In Progress
Tickets from £7.50
Venue: The Basement at Vaulty Towers,The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: 15+
Contains strong language and adult themes

In his new show, award winning comedian Alfie Brown is showing signs that he probably can’t have a healthy relationship and proceeding down the road with him would be emotionally dangerous. But what are these signs? Alfie Brown is the most hated man in an internet forum that he is not even the main subject of. But perhaps reading the worst things about yourself can be an educational experience? Is the digital age turning us bad, or is it merely shining a light on the bad previously unseen?


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Wed 15th Feb
The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh
Sun 12th Mar
Sun 19th Mar

Alfie Brown

Alfie’s firebrand style of comedy has been forged from years of pushing boundaries and experimentation.

Natural stage presence combined with explosive material makes for a thrilling performance every time he hits the stage.

Constantly evolving and striving for ways to innovate, Alfie can move from hour-long idea driven shows to tight sets in various clubs effortlessly.


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