Billy Kidd Show

Billy Kidd

Thu 2nd Mar - Sun 5th Mar
18:30,14:15 (
75 mins)
Mixed Bill / Podcasts & Variety
As Seen on TV / Great With Mates / Magic
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: The Flair Ground
Age Guidance: 12+

Billy Kidd will bring no rabbits, feather flowers or top hats to her show. Instead Her magic will peak your curiosity and simultaneously destroy what you think you already knew. An interactive show where you don’t have to get on stage, a show that reminds you how to play again with no boundaries. Broadway World says ” It’s the element of theatre that makes her different.” Billy Kidd’s experience performing her magic world wide has influenced how she presents the conjuring arts. Throw away all your pre conceived notions of what a magician is because Billy Kidd is not it.


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Thu 2nd Mar
The Flair Ground
The Vaults
Leake Street
Fri 3rd Mar
The Flair Ground
The Vaults
Leake Street
Sat 4th Mar
The Flair Ground
The Vaults
Leake Street
Sun 5th Mar
The Flair Ground
The Vaults
Leake Street

Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is a female magician who has performed her magic on stage and screens all over the world. Since 2014 she has been running the weekly Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre in Bath England and was the recipient of the Allan Slaight Award for International Rising Star in 2021. Billy has also appeared numerous times at Hollywood's Magic Castle.
She has performed her magic all over the world including Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, China, Istanbul, Sweden, USA, Kuwait, all across Europe, Australia and South East Asia.
TV Credits include:
-Magic Consultant for HBO/ SKY's The Baby. UK/USA
-ITV's Game of Talents and The Next Great Magician series. UK
-When Magic Goes Wrong. Ch. 5 UK
-BBC Xmas Lectures. UK
-O2 Load & Go Card Advert. UK
-Host of Discovery Channel's Breaking Magic series. INTERNATIONAL
-Wizard Wars with Penn & Teller on Syfy Channel. USA
-Masters of Illusion on CW Network. USA
-Science of Magic on CBC. CANADA
-Next Stage on BELL Five TV. CANADA
-Vietjet Air Adverts. ASIA.

Liberty Magic in Pittsburgh USA
The Palladium, Seattle USA
Monday Night Magic NYC, USA
Quebec International Magic Festival, CANADA
Magic Fest, Zaragoza SPAIN
Chengdi Theatre, CHINA
New Akao Hotel, JAPAN

Theatre/Circus Productions:
Be, Greedy Pig Theatre, UK
Wonderville, UK
Variety by the Sea, UK
Craniatrium, Firefly Theatre & Circus, CANADA
Panache 1 AND 2, Firefly Theatre & Circus, CANADA
Superstition , Firefly Theatre & Circus, CANADA

Press & Reviews

..." with Billy Kidd what you see is VERY impressive. Even without the theatrical overlay, these tricks would be undeniably amazing. But it's the element of theatre that makes her different. With her oddball sense of humor, quirky energy and mingled UK/USA accent, Billy Kidd's Doctor Who-esque energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Watching Kidd perform feels like watching one of the great stage-comedy "characters" in an early outing, like how audiences must have felt seeing Dame Edna or Pee-Wee Herman before they broke big. GARY KERESTAN , BROADWAY WORLD

" There are layers to this thing; there’s showmanship and theatricality. Kidd too is world-renowned and impeccably skilled, but her show doesn’t aim simply to wow — there’s deep, full-bellied laughter, absurdity, drama and even sadness." SIMON COLLIER, PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE. 

"What Billy has the ability to do onstage is to bring you to a place where you stop asking, "How did she do that?" And you start saying to yourself, " I want to see more. I want to believe. I want to be a part of what's happening tonight." 


Cast & Creative Team Role: Billy Kidd
Director: Gia Felicitas


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