Maygan Forbes

Sun 19th Feb
17:55 (
60 mins)
Drama / Underrepresented Voices / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Crypt
Age Guidance: 18+
Includes sexually explicit language, explicit language, mentions of mental health

What does a kebab wrapper, a flat white and an ASBO all have in common? Meet Cherry, Dagenham’s answer to Frank Gallagher. She’s shameless and wants you to know why. After a life changing medical diagnosis, Cherry has a few final words and two middle fingers she wants to share with the public. Cherry doesn’t present herself as being beautiful or whimsical, this isn’t a tale of hometown glory – Cherry wants the world to know she’s everything you hate, dirty, raw and so much more.


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Sun 19th Feb
The Vaults
Leake Street

Maygan Forbes

Maygan is a writer, producer, and critic from a small suburb in North London. She has spent the majority of her life studying in cold cities and defending the spelling of her name. She is a Soho Theatre Writing Labs alumna.

As a teenager, she spent an inordinate amount of time nosing through books, watching films, and taking advantage of the discounted youth theatre tickets. She has happy memories of having books pried from her hands at the dinner table, and also watching Psycho, The Shining and Wrong Turn at a questionable age (like, 10). It was an interesting childhood.

Maygan went to university twice, studying a BA dual honours in History and Film Studies at Keele University with a year abroad in Nova Scotia, Canada at Dalhousie University, followed by a MSc in Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh. At university, Maygan worked strange jobs that required her to do things like dress up as Sully from Monsters Inc and serve cocktails in candle holders.

Studying her MSc is where her interest for creating theatre blossomed and she soon discovered that she was a theatre geek with a film degree, so ultimately decided to pursue a career in writing and reviewing plays. This has since expanded to a multitude of different arts and culture mediums including film, exhibitions and more!

When Maygan is not having an extended quarter life crisis in Soho Theatre bar, she can often be seen gathering creative inspiration from a Hot Yoga or Spin class.

Cast & Creative Team Playwright: MAYGAN FORBES
Director - Hamish Clayton
Actress - Susan Graham
Sound Designer - Jason Sylvestor


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