Curried Mustard

Joe Bains

Thu 23rd Feb
21:30 (
60 mins)
Asian Voices / Feel Good / Stand-Up
Tickets from £8.00
Venue: The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Age Guidance: 15+

Growing up in the deepest darkest parts of India and then being thrown into the West with no language, culture, personality, looks or even a clue!!


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Thu 23rd Feb
The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh

Joe Bains

I'm an X-man as I was an Ex-nerd, Ex-Married, Ex-introvert, Ex-Virgin.
Now a Biohacker.

Press & Reviews

Joe’s jokes exploring cultural differences between India and the UK, such as the outsourcing of call centres and where Indian people in the UK can go for an authentic Indian experience.

Joe slid into an easy rapport with a crowd of students who may have been slightly younger than his normal clientele. Their age, however, offered them no protection to his savage tongue as his open mocking of certain individuals had the audience calling for more.


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