Finlay and Joe: Perpetual Hype Machine

Finlay & Joe

Sun 12th Feb
17:15 (
60 mins)
Family Friendly / Funny / Sketch Comedy
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: Suitable For All

Finlay and Joe are proud to show you the Perpetual Hype Machine, a formidable high-tech device they have precision-engineered to generate the perfect sketch comedy show with every performance.

However, this is just the prototype, so there might be a couple of tweaks they need to make along the way. The machine’s not evil, though. That would be bad.

Don’t miss your chance to catch the very first hour-long sketch show from two of comedy’s newest rising stars: Finlay Stroud (Joe’s Best Friend Award, Winner 2022) and Joe Peden (Finlay’s Best Friend Award, Runner-up 2022).


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Sun 12th Feb

Finlay & Joe

Finlay and Joe are a sketch comedy duo based in London and Manchester. Inspired by acts like Aunty Donna, Mitchell and Webb and Victoria Wood, their shows are equal parts absurd, silly and family friendly. This year, they have challenged themselves to create a show that threads together familiar sketch comedy structure with an overarching narrative - merging meaningful storytelling with laugh-out-loud hilarity.

Cast & Creative Team Writers and Performers: Finlay Stroud and Joe Peden


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