mushmoss collective

Thu 8th Jun
18:30 (
35 mins)
Theatre & Performance
Venue: The Glitch - Spacement
Age Guidance: 15+
Content Advisory: Grief, Loss, Described Violence and Bodily Harm, Described Terminal Illness, Destruction of Property, Strong Language

Uncanny adventure. A demolition site. A new queer, weird fiction play about housing insecurity, displacement and corporate development. Using lyrical language to explore lost homes, new storms and eldritch infestations. Reluctant Megacorp conservationist and single mum Ria has been called in to sort a hive. It’s halting work, messing up the bottom line. Plus it’s the worst possible timing because Ria’s teenage kid Salve was just suspended for unrepentant thievery. But cagey site manager Craig hints at something more… unusual. More sinister. Director of Colossal, Winner Best Show of the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. Originally commissioned by The Space, London.


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Thu 8th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh


mushmoss collective creates multi-disciplinary, interactive theatre between composition, text, play and immersion, collaborating on imagined worlds to consider our connectedness. Consisting of Ariella Como Stoian, Zygmund de Somogyi and Susie MacDonald, they are a non-binary, queer and neurodivergent collective with an extended circle of collaborators.

We think through frameworks of experimental composition, LARP, speculative fiction, eco-feminsim, queer archiving, gender studies, game design, installation lighting and other weird and wonderful resonances.

Cast & Creative Team Writer: Ariella Como Stoian
Director: Susie MacDonald
Ria: Elin Doyle
Salve: Emily Millwood
Producer: Speakerphone Productions


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