twice shy theatre

Fri 3rd Mar
23:00 (
60 mins)
Performance Art / Storytelling
Tickets from £13
Venue: Pit
Age Guidance: Suitable For All

Bringing together the work of three leading practitioners, Hypnagogue uses hypnotherapy, storytelling and gong-healing, woven together with a live, improvised soundtrack, to take audience members on an unforgettable, transformative journey.
​Each show begins with shared intentions from the audience before a hypnotic trance is induced, after which a story is improvised using ingredients provided by the audience and accompanied by a live gong-healing and instrumental soundtrack. N.B. The show is not suitable for pregnant women or those with pacemakers and anyone who is clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted for their own physical and mental safety. Hypnagogue has the power to transform all who arrive with an open heart and mind.


We operate “Pay More If You Can” pricing to ensure that our shows remain affordable and accessible to everyone.
You can find out more here.
Fri 3rd Mar
The Vaults
Leake Street

twice shy theatre

Twice Shy Theatre produce challenging and innovative theatre and live art and to bring creative minds together in support and discussion.

Through improvised site specific storytelling, challenging performance art or full length theatrical spectacles featuring perverted puppetry and sumptuous sound, Twice Shy will always take you on a journey you will never forget.

We specialise in unearthing dark and challenging stories drawn from unexpected sources, which draw you into their world before spitting you back out to question yours.

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Winner of the Vault Festival After Dark Award 2019


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