Ira Sylvester: Someone Save the King (Work in Progress)

Ira Sylvester

Thu 9th Mar
21:45 (
60 mins)
Black Voices / Funny / Stand-Up
Tickets from £7.50
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: 15+

Ira Sylvester in his first one-man show takes to the stage to deliver an auto-biographically generated story of his journey where he tries to delve into where one of mixed-heritage and culture fits into an ever evolving and wakening society. Contains themes of race, culture, sexuality, and politics, where the line is – what can be said about “what” and “who”, and how do we know when we’ve crossed it.


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Thu 9th Mar

Ira Sylvester

Ira Sylvester is a comedian born-and-raised in London, but has developed his stand-up routine internationally. His style is universal, not culturally specific, with a base of story-telling and philosophizing about his experiences and life living abroad. His jokes range from clean and radio friendly to... dark... though not offensive, just very risqué;

"I am very conscientious when it comes to who is the "butt" of my jokes, however I do like to push the boundary and find comfort in a space that tests what we're okay talking about."

Ira Sylvester -although currently based in the Copenhagen area- has traveled most of the globe, and draws from his personal experiences to build his comedy routines. This means topics range from deeply introspective places to larger societal commentary.

Member of Comix Without Boarders; a quintet of comedians with various styles and backgrounds, also for hire!

"I'm sure I've got something for everyone, although there will probably be something that will make everyone feel just a little uncomfortable."

I also have an hour-long lecture on the 'Origins of Racism' if you want something more serious...

Cast & Creative Team Written & Performed by Ira Sylvester


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