John Travulva and Jodie Mitchell: Cis Male Comedian

Jodie Mitchell

Wed 25th Jan - Thu 9th Mar
20:15,20:00 (
60 mins)
LGBTQIA+ Voices / Solo Show / Stand-Up
Tickets from £7.50
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch,The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Age Guidance: 15+
Contains strong language and adult themes

Prince of accessible content and OFFIE Award winning ‘brilliant… natural comic’ (Guardian) John Travulva critiques his best-known tick-box character: queer, non-binary, neurodiverse class-straddler Jodie Mitchell. Jodie has had great success appearing on Comedy Central Live and BBC Radio 4, writing for Sex Education and as a Funny [Women] Award Finalist, but should John do his debut show as them? He’s not sure, he gets a lot of praise as himself:

John Travulva’s set is so funny it makes all the comedy in my life up to this point redundant. – Theatrebubble

The comedy turn by John Travulva (the excellent Jodie Mitchell) left me with actual tears of laughter running down my face. – Diva

Standout talent…consistently funny while also being very sharp and moving. – The Stage

Travulva…has the audience in the palm of their hand, with excellent comic timing and a real warmth. -Upper Circle


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Wed 25th Jan
Wed 22nd Feb
The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh
Thu 9th Mar

Jodie Mitchell

Jodie Mitchell is a stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster and Drag King. They co-founded the queer women and non-binary comedy night sensation ‘The LOL Word’ and write and perform as their macho, Glaswegian alter-ego John Travulva with Pecs Drag Kings, with whom they won an Off-Broadway Award in 2020. Jodie co-hosts cult hit podcasts ‘Secret Dinosaur Cult’ and ‘The Drag King Cast’, has been a Funny Women Awards finalist, and recently wrote on Sex Education Season 3.


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