Kit Sullivan: Overcommmmmits (Work in Progress)

Kit Sullivan

Tue 21st Feb
20:00 (
60 mins)
Feel Good / Surreal / Work In Progress
Tickets from £7.50
Venue: The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Age Guidance: Suitable For All

The happiest day of your life includes robots, time travel and a decent spread on the buffet table. Kit Sullivan (self confessed sandwich enthusiast) presents a show about destiny so strong that it has the power to stick the entire audience together through tears and joy, creating a lovebot with the hug strength of a giant panda or TWO mutated koala bears, wow! Kit takes you on a wedding journey around the stage in this inspired piece of surreal silliness so perfectly constructed it’s being called a modern day ‘work in progress’. (If you’ve read this far then I’ll level with you, it’ll be ok… Not like cirque du soleil good but we’ll have a nice time.) THE BEST SHOW EVER CREATED!!! Come and throw some confetti, pick it up, throw it again and finally dispose of it responsibly in a nearby receptacle. Lets get committed up in this mother!


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Tue 21st Feb
The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh


Press & Reviews

“this act came out of nowhere.” - Beyond the Joke

“There would be no Spencer Jones without Kit Sullivan” -Spencer Jones

Cast & Creative Team Kit Sullivan: Performer/ Writer


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