Miss Ellaneous

Wardrobe & Sons

Fri 17th Mar
22:20 (
60 mins)
Cabaret Drag & Burlesque
Burlesque / Cabaret / LGBTQIA+ Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Cavern
Age Guidance: 18+
Sexual Content, Strong Language, References to Mental Illness, Nudity

Miss Ellaneous has arrived in a wardrobe, in a vault, in Waterloo, in an arts festival, at the end of the world.

You should probably expect:
anti-capitalist tap dancing,
background noise (with assorted plastic accessories),
emotional polystyrene moments™,
party bags – order yours in advance for the interval,
a comprehensive economic plan for the year ahead – order yours in advance for the interval,
Morticia Addams on the Spoons,
various crustaceans on the Theremin,
Political Borders (detachable),
alcohol (optional),
wigs (probable),
hay fever (possible but ideally avoidable),
very very vague plotline,
inevitable political commentary.
Miss Ellaneous is a space for those struggling to define ‘what it is that they do’.

Hosted by Charlie Wood and Frankie Thompson.
Produced by Wardrobe & Sons.
Inside ‘The Wardrobe’ designed by Em Tanner.


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Fri 17th Mar
The Vaults
Leake Street

Wardrobe & Sons

The Wardrobe is the creative object/space ran by Wardrobe & Sons (previously known as Wardrobe Productions), an LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent led collective of associate artists led by Frankie Thompson and Beth Sitek, making and supporting bold, diverse, inclusive, community centred work in non-traditional performance settings for audiences and artists for whom traditional arts spaces are not necessarily accessible. The Wardrobe is a tiny 'West End' theatre inside an actual wardrobe. It is totally collapsible and was made in the pandemic to provide a space for artists to create work when accessing arts spaces was not possible. Wardrobe & Sons is Arts Council England supported and a partner organisation with Camden People’s Theatre.

The Wardrobe is a performance space in its own right which not only holds performers but encourages them to explore and create beyond the concept of a 'stage' in general.

Cast & Creative Team Host: Charlie Wood
Host: Frankie Thompson
Presented by Wardrobe & Sons
Producer: Beth Sitek
Wardrobe Designer : Em Tanner


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