Mummy Vs

Heather Bandenburg/ WRESTIVAL

Sun 26th Feb
16:45 (
90 mins)
Funny / True Story / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Crescent
Age Guidance: 12+
Depression, birth, wrestling (loud noises & violence), alcoholism

Being a parent and a wrestler are the same. The pay is bad. Your body hurts. No matter how hard you try, the rest of the world thinks your efforts are often ridiculous. You get covered in bodily fluids. Enter the world of Heather – a woman who accidentally took up wrestling, leading directly to her becoming an unlikely parent. Using live wrestling, monologue and a cast of the best wrestlers in London, Mummy Vs is a funny, honest & personal account of raising a baby & her battles with identity.

Mummy Vs shows the brilliant resilience of parents in a way that is impossible to ignore. Who will win, Fantasy Incorporated or Team Reality – come cheer, boo & listen to Come on Eileen remixed 7 times.

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Mummy Vs
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Sun 26th Feb
The Vaults
Leake Street

Heather Bandenburg/ WRESTIVAL

Heather Bandenburg accidentally became a wrestler in 2012 & then became a performance artist in 2017. She formed the cult cabaret night I Need to Cher who performed at Latitude, the Space, CPT & across London. In 2020 she began writing Mummy Vs - a show about parenting & wrestling, opening up a new career in the specific venn diagram of satire, feminist theatre & wrestling - on which she is a published author. She is the producer of 2 more wrestling theatre shows - Sasquatch, NHSmackdown & Fist Club (which are also on at the VAULTs this year).

She is the creator of WRESTIVAL - a production company that showcases experimental & under represented voices in wrestling in a theatre context (past collaborators have included Everything Patterned, The Head Drop, Mythos).

Press & Reviews

"Heather Bandenburg should be celebrated for successfully combining multiple art forms, brilliantly using an extended metaphor to interrogate personal trauma, and for writing an excellent stand-up comedy set. Rough, Ready and Entirely Hilarious." **** The Reviews Hub

Praise for previous work

"One of the best wrestling memoirs I've had the pleasure to have read." Mick Foley

"Beautiful. Bold. Brave." Time Out

"Bandenburg destroys the set, rips off her costume, dances, flashes the audience. If you’re looking for a shot of hope at a seemingly dreadful time, I urge you to dive into such artwork." A Younger Theatre ****

Cast & Creative Team Director - REBECCA BISCUIT
Film Editing - MARITN CROSER


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