My body is not your country

Marta Bonito

Tue 6th Jun - Wed 7th Jun
18:30 (
45 mins)
Theatre & Performance
Venue: The Glitch - Spacement
Age Guidance: 15+

MY BODY IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY is a poetic one woman show that reflects how migration influences our lives, from a female’s body perspective. Based on autobiographical stories the piece invites the audience to take a journey through Cassandra’s thoughts where she tries to understand why she has this urgency to move, to travel, to keep fighting, to find any sense to her existence, and eventually, to find where home is. A puzzle of different migrant trajectories protagonized by women take up the stage through storytelling and movement blurring the border between life and fiction and echoing departures, arrivals and journeys in between.


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Tue 6th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh
Wed 7th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh


Marta is from Portugal, currently jumping between there and London and it is exactly when living in a state of transient that she finds a sense of home. Interested in experimenting different forms to tell stories through diverse mediums and in a convergence of expressions, exploring the female body, borders, the urban space and identity.
Before moving to London she worked as a performer/ actor in Portugal in fringe productions, film and movement pieces; she worked mostly in projects that challenged and mixed the concepts of theatre and film, reality and fiction, actor and audience. Graduated from Drama Studio London in July 2018. Passionate about physical theatre and movement: participated in Gecko’s intensive workshops and recently worked with David Glass in a R&D for Brides UK show. Acting credits include The Girl from Berlin directed by Bruno F. Leal, Bodies in Urban Spaces by Willi Dorner; The Nightwatch by João Sousa Cardoso; Trojan Horse, a solo movement show co-created with André Mendes; Pains of Youth directed by Helen Tennison at the Camden Fringe 2018, and others. Before Covid-19 she was developing two physical theatre pieces both presented at the Cockpit Theatre scratch night. In 2020/21 she worked with Yoi Kawakubo in his debut film Six Days After Forever, a poetic sci-fi feature. Recently performed Spicy White, by Carina Simões, a one woman show about a Portuguese woman living in London that took place at The Goose Theatre and Theatre 503 and Lápis Cor de Carne directed by Natasha Syvanenko at Teatro Sá de Miranda, Viana do Castelo PT.

Cast & Creative Team writer/ performer: MARTA BONITO
director: AMANDA GATTI


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