Naked Chats: Drawing and Conversation with Body Love Sketch Club & Friends

Body Love Sketch Club

Sun 26th Feb
14:15 (
75 mins)
Performance Art Live Art & Installations
Feel Good / Fun / Live Art
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: The Flair Ground
Age Guidance: 18+
Features some wholesome nudity!

Nudity, bodies, and how to feel more comfortable in our own skin in a society which conditions us to be very critical of ourselves? A panel discussion and life drawing class with body positive and creative empowerment enthusiasts, Ruby Rare and Rosy Pendlebaby from Body Love Sketch Club, and friends: Social Psychologist at Goldsmiths University, and an expert on identity, group dynamics, and body image, Professor Keon West, and Artist, Educator and Life Model, Lily Holder. In this artistic adventure in body positivity and creative empowerment, our panelists will be posing nude whilst they’re in conversation. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of our panelists as they draw, and to pose themselves later on if they wish. We celebrate all bodies in all their (optionally naked) glory, and play creatively without shame or judgment. All bodies, artistic capabilities and confidence levels welcome.


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Sun 26th Feb
The Flair Ground
The Vaults
Leake Street


Press & Reviews

Praise for previous work (testimonials from workshop attendees): 

'Today I got to experience human connection, compassion, creativity, kindness, vulnerability, and nakedness in an environment free of shame, guilt, judgement and stigma. The incredible Rosy and Ruby are the funniest and friendliest people and their passion for what they do is so tangible.'

'Thank you for this morning's session. It's the first time I'd done anything like this, and I found the whole experience so welcoming and positive and inclusive. What an amazing space you've created - thank you so much - hope to see you again soon.'

'You do so much more than help people with their body image, you help in healing the past and building a wondrously naked and confident future.'

'Beautifully held life drawing where you are invited to sit as well as sketch - revealing no more than you choose - but doing so in celebration of all the glory of bodies. Silly and moving and classy AF.'

'A life drawing class like no other where everybody is truly good enough and the only goal is to love the bodies you see and love the way you draw them, however that may be.'

'A truly welcoming space for creativity and self-expression.'

Cast & Creative Team Host: Rosy Pendlebaby
Host: Ruby Rare
Guest: Professor Keon West
Guest: Lily Holder


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