PT Goodbod: Return of the Gym

Adam Goodbody

Tue 28th Feb - Fri 3rd Mar
21:45 (
60 mins)
Character Comedy / Feel Good / Interactive
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: Suitable For All

After sell out shows at the Canvas Cafe, Pinch of Vaults and King’s Head Theatre, PT Goodbod arrives at Vaults with a brand new workout routine:

Having been signed to Higher Power, it’s the last leg of the tour for PT Goodbod and his assistant ‘The Volunteer’. They’ve been the length and breadth of the U.K and it hasn’t always been easy. In fact it hasn’t been easy at all. But all hopes are pinned on London. For this final set of workouts, you’re strongly encouraged to come and get in the mixer with 45 mins of fast paced workout madness as they attempt to sign you up to a (really very reasonable) monthly package of High Power fitness content for a minimum 6 month period.

With their regional manager Sandra, hounding them on the phone – will they be able to hit their target? Or will things fold like a pack of Top Trumps.

Come in trainers.


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Press & Reviews

King's Head Theatre: "Hilarious, clever and an all-together feel good show"

London Theatre 1: ★★★★

"the show delivers in really fine style"

ReviewsGate: ★★★★

"Goodbody has an immense part and he handles it very well indeed"

Cast & Creative Team Adam Goodbody: PT
John Chisham: The Volunteer
and featuring Zoe Kelly as Sandra


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