Restless Bitch Face (Work in Progress)

Alex Bertulis-Fernandes and Alison Zrada

Tue 14th Feb
21:30 (
60 mins)
Stand-Up / Underrepresented Voices / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £8.00
Venue: The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Age Guidance: 18+
Contains strong language, sexual references, and discussion of mental health

They’re here, one’s queer, and they never get over anything. Join Alex and Alison for an hour of fun, trauma, and everything in between.

Alex and Alison are mixed-race women with ADHD, anxiety and a passion for talking about feminism. They’re really fun at parties.

Alison can’t sit still, Alex can’t get out of bed. Alison loves Greek mythology, Alex thinks Troy is a basketball player who needs to keep his head in the game. Alison is queer, Alex is decidedly straight (yes, it was a choice, and yes, she regrets it).

An hour of stand-up comedy from two people who were definitely, probably, bullied at school. Critics (i.e. former bullies) have described it as “Nanette-Lite for people who’ve not seen Nanette.”


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Tue 14th Feb
The Basement at Vaulty Towers
Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh


Press & Reviews

Praise for previous work (Alison Zrada)

“I rarely hear a comedian do material that’s as smart as she happens to be” – Scott Capurro

“I feel like you know who you are, which is really cool” – Jordan Gray

Praise for previous work (Alex Bertulis-Fernandes)

“Alex’s material’s so prescient at the moment...so many good lines in that set...I laughed a lot...I just thought there was an awful lot of astute material there...and a really great performing style.”
- Sioned Wiliam, Former Commissioning Editor of Comedy for BBC Radio 4

“The gags come thick and fast” - The Student (4 stars)



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