Pretty Knickers Productions

Tue 24th Jan - Wed 25th Jan
18:30 (
60 mins)
Live Music / Poetry / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Pit
Age Guidance: 15+
Strong language, scenes of a sexual nature, drug use and violence against women.

Leith. 1983. A sex worker has been brutally murdered… her killer never caught. The authority’s eyes have been opened. They are out of touch and the ever-changing sex industry has become a public safety concern. A new role is formed: Prostitute Liaison Officer. Alongside a representative from the Church of Scotland, their aim is to work hand in hand with the infamous Leith sex workers. When worlds collide, can they work together for the greater good? Or is the gap between prostitute and police too wide to bridge?

SALAMANDER is packed with comedy, live music and spoken word and looks to make heroines of the underrepresented. Inspired by true events.


We operate “Pay More If You Can” pricing to ensure that our shows remain affordable and accessible to everyone.
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Tue 24th Jan
The Vaults
Leake Street
Wed 25th Jan
The Vaults
Leake Street


Press & Reviews

Deadline News - 5 Stars - 'An amazing theatre piece, packed with unrivalled humour and music – everything feels flawless and authentic.'


Theatre Scotland - 5 stars - "Salamander' is a funny, emotional and very creative insight in to the lives of Ediburgh's sex workers. The stories of these women resonate strongly with audiences thanks to the incredible prefomances from this stellar cast.'

Edinburgh Guide - 5 stars - 'Perfectly poignant, they delivered a message to their sold-out audience with a vaunerable strength - sex work is work, sex workers are people and everyone has a story worth hearing.' 

The Scotsman - 4 Stars - 'A funny, powerful and poignant tribute to the full dignity and humanity of women whos way of life is still often sigmatised and "othered", 40 years on.' 

The Edinburgh Evening News - 4 stars - 'Irreverently funny, provokative and devistatingly sad, this a powerful indictment of society, then and now.'

The Wee Review- 4 Stars - 'Salamander is a great show highlighting an episode of Edinburgh's past that some may wish to be forgotten. The performances are uniformly excellent and the script manages to balance the humour, tragedy and ultimately, the humanity of the women in the hidden world of sex work' 

Cast & Creative Team Writers: Mhairi McCall & Cal Ferguson
Director: Kirsty Pennycook
Producer: Lana Pheutan
Jean: Becky Niven
Pat: Claire McCarragher
V: Claire Docherty
Tiff: Mhairi McCall
Roxy: Niamh Kinane
Candy: Sarah Dingwall
Musician: Lewis Lauder


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