Sara Segovia: Sad clown

Sara Segovia Rodao

Tue 14th Feb - Wed 15th Feb
20:15 (
60 mins)
Clowning / Feel Good / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £8.00
Venue: The Spacement at The Glitch
Age Guidance: 15+

It’s a clown show about sadness, based on the sad clown paradox. An exploration of the tragedy in between the laughs. A study about mental health issues and the role that comedy has through the dramatic times we are going through right now. It explores the figure of the sad clown, in a general sense, as the character that lives in our collective mind, and on a personal level, as our own individual sad clowns.

The show wants to be an invitation to embrace your dark side and your sadness. In a world where we are used to only showing the happy side of our lives in this social media era, let’s explore what happens when we let darkness get away, when we face that truth inside ourselves. And the truth will set you free. As they say. I’m looking forward to that liberation.


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Tue 14th Feb
Wed 15th Feb

Sara Segovia Rodao

Sara is a clown, a performer, director, a Spanish person, a queer weirdo and a friend. Her full name is Sara Segovia Rodao. She moved to London in 2019 after studying two years at Ecole Philippe Gaulier with the purpose to create different comedy that doesn’t fit the norm.
Last year she created her first solo work SUPERNUEVA, an acclaimed clown show about home and displacement, performing around the UK including Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and Camden Fringe.

Press & Reviews

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“Sara Segovia is my favourite comedy discovery of this year” LMAOnaise Comedy (Zoë Paskett, Funny woman)

“She brings a giddy glee to her naive performance, clambering into the crowd to pilfer treasures or zap puny humans with her toy gun. She gives new meaning to UFO: unusual, funny oddball.” Steve Bennett, Chortle.

“bring the house down with what can only be described as…no, it can’t be described” **** TodoList.

“Fun, silly, different” Audience member
“So joyous and completely stupid” Audience member
“I had the absolute joy of seeing it in Edinburgh and it's one of my favourite things I've seen here - an hour of pure joy and so much laughter” Audience member
“My favourite joke at the fringe so far” Audience member

Cast & Creative Team Performer and writer: Sara Segovia Rodao


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