Sex-Ed Revisited

Holly Delefortrie

Fri 27th Jan
22:35 (
60 mins)
Clowning / Don’t Bring Your Parents / Women’s Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Crypt
Age Guidance: 18+
This show talk openly about sex in a graphic, but playful, way.

Sex-Ed Revisited is an empowering piece of improvisational storytelling and comedic theatre uncovering missing gaps in knowledge when it comes to female-focused Sex Education. Created and performed by interactive solo artist Holly Delefortrie. This Kylie-inspired sex-pop adventure explores our relationship with pleasure; this quest for climax delves into anatomy, kinks, and sexual romanticisms.

Gone are the days of attempting to put condoms on cucumbers, whilst wearing kaleidoscopic beer goggles. A retelling of sex education unlike any you have ever experienced before. This uplifting female-driven show focuses on the experiences for those who still have unanswered questions about sex and their bodies!


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Fri 27th Jan
The Vaults
Leake Street


Press & Reviews

Reviews Hub - 'A rambunctious, fun hour' Scott Mathewman 

Audience comments: 

 'This is such an important show'

'Cheeks heart from smiling so much, an absolutely tonic for what's going on at the moment'

'Watching her interact with an audience is a tour-de-force' 


'Very fun night! I'm normally nervous of interactive theatre but Holly's infectious warmth made the interactive games really fun and removed any potential pressure! A sheer delight!'

'So much fun! Left the theatre feeling full of joy.'



Cast & Creative Team Created and Performed by Holly Delefortrie

Dramaturgy: Laura Killeen

Producer: Louisa Pennell

Lighting & Sound Design: David Somner


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