The Bargain Basement Gameshow-Cabaret

Elevate East

Fri 17th Mar - Sat 18th Mar
23:00,22:30 (
60 mins)
Cabaret Drag & Burlesque
Game / Interactive / LGBTQIA+ Voices
Tickets from £13.00
Venue: Pit
Age Guidance: 18+
Contains strong language and adult themes

Elevate East are taking you underground to the camp, trashy and tacky world of… THE BARGAIN BASEMENT.

This is where icons of prime-time quizzes, gameshows and reality TV shows of yesteryear lurk, waiting to be re-discovered by YOU! Yes, you, the adoring studio audience. Get ready to take part and win points and prizes to become the ultimate Bargain Basement Baller to take home the crown.

The Bargain Basement Gameshow-Cabaret is a raucous interactive MASHUP of all your most loved nostalgic British gameshows, hosted by the one and only @itsjimmybee with a side helping of glitz, glamour and Lidl’s middle aisle – @alcockayne !


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Fri 17th Mar
The Vaults
Leake Street
Sat 18th Mar
The Vaults
Leake Street

Elevate East

Elevate East is an artistic development organisation, cofounded and led by Creative Director, Jack Edwards and Creative Producer, Martha Rumney.

With fun at the forefront of the collective, Elevate East curate, immerse and play with experiential performances and cabaret ‘cum’ game shows, putting audiences through their paces, on the wackiest of adventures.

After taking 'The Generation Gameshow Cabaret' to the The National Theatre River Stage, where generations were put against each other within nostalgic gameshows, commenting on the cost of living, they are launching their third iteration of 'Stuck In The Lift', an artistic development programme and scratch night for creatures of the underground nightlife scene. Alongside a cheeky appearance at Mighty Hoopla and working with Tik-Tok comedy superstar, Bailey J Mills, on their next one-woman show, you're never too far from an Elevate East show.

The East London based duo also created, ‘Fancy Anuva’ Big Brother’, a raucous, high-energy gameshow, performed at Theatre Deli, putting the audience as the housemates, competing in tasks and challenges to win prizes.

Elevate East's most recent concoction was 'The Last Exorcism in Soho', a ghoulish cabaret night housed within The House of St. Barnabas in Soho.

Press & Reviews

Praise of previous work: 

'I love the vibe [of Elevate East’s work], from the depth of reference and design, to the humour and joy; it’s extremely impressive.’
- David Ralf, CEO, Theatre Deli 

'This dynamic duo are one to watch - they constantly have their finger on the pulse and make wild, camp and raucous work that IS the zeitgeist' - Rachel Horowitz, Hackney Empire 

Cast & Creative Team Creative Director: JACK EDWARDS
Creative Producer: MARTHA RUMNEY
Dazzling Host: JIMMY BEE
Leslie from Lidl's Middle Aisle: ALICE COCKAYNE


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