The Silence and the Noise

A Pentabus Theatre and Rural Media co-production

Sun 19th Feb
16:20 (
60 mins)
Digital / Fun
Tickets from £13
Venue: Cavern
Age Guidance: 15+
Trigger Warnings: Strong language, with some references to violence, drug use and domestic abuse.

Ben and Daize are teenagers either side of a county line. Drug runner and daughter of an addict. As the adult world around them becomes deadly dangerous, do these natural enemies have it in them to save each other?

The film tells an urgent, relevant story with warmth and humour, speaking to audiences about deprivation, love, betrayal and hope.

A creative exploration of filming a play, discovering where film and theatre meet, by industry-leading rural arts companies Pentabus and Rural Media.

Directed by: Rachel Lambert and Elle While
Starring: Rachelle Diedericks and William Robinson

Trigger Warnings: Strong language, with some references to violence, drug use and domestic abuse.


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Sun 19th Feb
The Vaults
Leake Street


Cast & Creative Team A Pentabus & Rural Media Co-production.

Tom Powell Writer
Rachel Lambert Director
Elle While Director
Em Smith 1st Assistant Director
Luke Collins Director of Photography
Producer Julie Colman
Chelsea Stevens Make-up Artist
Justin Dolby Sound Design
Billy Lambert Composer
Grant Black Executive Producer

Rachelle Deidericks Actor
William Robinson Actor


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