Violent Circumstances

Active B!tch Face Theatre

Sat 10th Jun
18:30 (
60 mins)
Theatre & Performance
Venue: The Glitch - Spacement
Age Guidance: 15+
Mentions of sexual assault & rape, performance generally contains themes of a distressing nature with strong language throughout

Written in response to the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa, ‘Violent Circumstances’ explores four women’s stories of everyday events that quickly into exhausting, humiliating, terrifying and fatal experiences. This unfiltered, angry and darkly comic piece by new company, Active B!tch Face Theatre exposes the unknown and ignored experiences of women’s everyday struggles with harassment, sexism and violence.


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Sat 10th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh


Active B!tch Face Theatre is a female-led graduate company dedicated to creating theatre with womens issues and lives at the centre of the work and to having women sitting in the big decision making roles on the production team. Artistic director, Susannah works alongside a number of associate artists who share the same ideas that a rehearsal space can be collaborative and can fight against the hierarchicial structure imposed by a long standing patriarchal system.

Cast & Creative Team Director & Writer: Susannah Cann
Movement Director: Annabel Lisk
Composer: Cat Thomas

Cat Thomas
Annabel Lisk
Phoebe Shepherd
Susannah Cann


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