Waiting for Change

Cruyff Turn Theatre Company

Sun 18th Jun
18:30 (
60 mins)
Theatre & Performance
Venue: The Glitch - Spacement
Age Guidance: 15+
Strong Language.

In a future where the earth is warmer and food is scarce, climate activists Pen and Galetta hold up a sign.
Hoping to disrupt traffic, crucially the movement of oil tankers, they are faced with an unexpected conundrum when a car of people facing a desperate situation attempt to pass.

Do Pen and Galetta step out of the way to save a single human life?
Or do they stand their ground to possibly save countless more?

‘Waiting for Change’ tackles the climate crisis and our right to protest in Cruyff Turn Theatre’s signature off-beat comic style.


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Sun 18th Jun
The Glitch - Spacement
134 Lower Marsh


Bringing the artistic nature of the Cruyff Turn to the theatre.

In 1974, Johan Cruyff shocked the world with his imagination and originality when he performed the first ever ‘Cruyff turn’. Inspired by Cruyff’s creativity, Cruyff Turn Theatre Company was created to share the artistic nature of this simply effective skill move with the world of the theatre.

Cruyff Turn are a theatre company started in Norfolk, based in Scotland, London and everywhere in-between. They aim to bring interesting stories to the masses and have a bit of fun along the way.

The company took sell-out show ‘Mr Nice Guy’ to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and enjoyed great receptions. Audiences connected with their first ever show, inspiring further creativity.

The company followed up with ‘Dugs’ which was well received at Minotaur Theatre Company’s Shorts Festival 2019.

The company returned in Summer 2022 with 'The Cruyff Turn Chronicles:' a double bill of 'Please Hold' by Joseph Hollas and 'The Foot Monster' by Will Owen performed at The Actor's East Studio.

Cast & Creative Team Playwright: JOSEPH HOLLAS


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