Our raucous LATES programme is back, featuring late night parties every Friday and Saturday until the early hours. With pre-Christmas Early Birds available for lots of them, now’s the time to book and save big.

VAULT 2018 Opening Party

26 January

A celebration of the arts and artists to mark the start of VAULT Festival 2018. Live music, featured performances from some of the shows at VAULT, DJs & dancing into the night, and more. Information on how to get access to the party coming soon.


£21.50 | 27 January

TROUGH named after a vessel pigs drink out of, returns to The Vaults to celebrate its first year in London. See jocks, hunks, beards, queers, twinks & in-betweeners create a pretty mess on the dancefloor. Read More.

House of Burlesque: Lock In

£13.50 | 09 — 10 Feb

House of Burlesque is proud to return to VAULT festival with their fabulous late night shenanigans, for two amazing nights of decadence and excess. Glitz, glamour, cocktails and shaking those tails. Read More.

The Bleeding Heart Ball

£11.50 | 16 — 17 Feb

GYPSY DISCO & SHOTGUN CAROUSEL two of London’s leading immersive event extraordinaires have joined forces once again to produce one supergiant of a party full of passion, enchantment and risk! They return underground with two nights of devilry and debauchery in the underbelly of the capital, THE VAULTS. Read More.


£11.50 | 23 – 24 Feb

For the fourth year running SHOTGUN CAROUSEL return to VAULT with their annual celebration of excess, FAT TUESDAY: London’s answer to global Mardi Gras festivities. Read More.


£21.50 | 02 – 03 Mar

Calling all splendid adventurers, extravagant explorers and hedonistic heros, Late Night Special Feature is an immersive theatrical circus party unlike anything you have encountered before. So and come experience: LABYRINTH! Read More.