Let's Talk @ VAULT Festival

VAULT Festival has teamed up with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to open up conversations around death, dying and grief by curating a programme of shows based around the subject. We’ve called it: ‘Let’s talk @ VAULT Festival’.

Some shows will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. All will get you thinking. Death affects us all. Let’s talk about it.

9th March, 4.30pm – Join us for a panel discussion with inspirational women who are all trying to change the dialogue around death and grief.

The Initiative

The collaboration is part of an initiative being led by Guy’s and St Thomas’ called “Let’s talk: Transforming end of life care conversations”. Its aim is to improve the experience of patients, carers, staff and the general public in talking about and preparing for death, both in hospital and in the wider community.

The initiative was kickstarted by Kimberley St John a palliative care nurse and the transforming end of life care lead at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. In her work she aims to educate patients and the public, develop the workforce, and find innovative ways to reach the public through the arts.

The Shows

The Archive of Educated Hearts

Award-winning storytelling, inside a shed. A delicate glimpse into the fragments of absolute joy and incomprehensible heartbreak that make up a lifetime. Created with families facing breast cancer.

Various times | 23 – 27 Jan | Get tickets.


A true story about getting high and talking to my dad’s ashes. Telling him everything I’ve done, asking him everything I never got to. I was shocked when he replied…

21:20 | 08 – 09 Feb | Get tickets.

A Wake in Progress

How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone? A Wake in Progress combines scripted scenes and interactivity, creating a funny and moving story of love, death and funerals.

Various times | 06 – 10 Feb | Get tickets.


From birth to death, joy and heartbreak in a single breath, CARE is a celebration of our NHS. Presented by the award-winning theatre company The PappyShow.

Various times | 13 – 16 Feb | Get tickets.


This is it, Howard’s moment has finally arrived, come and join him for karaoke and chocolate Magnums as he prepares for his biggest eulogy yet.

Various times | 20 – 24 Feb | Get tickets.

The Church of the Sturdy Virgin

The London premiere from Boomtown’s favorites, Dank Parish invites you to abide with us at the Church of the Sturdy Virgin, where death is our pleasure.

Various times | 06 – 17 Mar | Get tickets.

Dead End

Death’s funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny weird. Maybe it’s the start. Maybe it’s the end. Or maybe Jon Bon Jovi was right and you sleep when you’re dead.

Various times | 06 – 10 Mar | Get tickets.

Digging Deep

Fundraising is hard. Fundraising for a funeral is harder. Fundraising for your own funeral is impossible – how much is the price of death?

Various times | 20 – 24 Feb | Get tickets.

From Afar

‘It’s sad when you think about it – a lost letter. You can send another, and then another, but it’ll never be quite the same as that first one.’

Various times | 20 – 24 Feb | Get tickets.

I Run

A one-man play about a dad who loses his daughter to cancer and starts running to deal with his loss. He runs on a treadmill throughout the entire performance.

Various times | 13 – 17 Mar | Get tickets.

Leave A Message

A death. A flat. A blinking answerphone. A godawful mess. Two friends are about to have a difficult Thursday… A brand new comedy, based on an actual afternoon.

18:10 | 20 – 24 Feb | Get tickets.

Miss Fortunate

People say if you don’t laugh you’ll cry, but you can totally just do both. Being a young woman is complicated, especially when your mum is in a box.

Various times | 01 – 03 Mar | Get tickets.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in individual shows as part of Let’s Talk @ VAULT Festival are not representative of the views of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.


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