VAULT New Writers Programme

Following the huge success of 2018’s VAULT New Writers Programme, our 8 week practical writing course returns for VAULT Festival 2019.

What Is It?

An 8 week practical writing course taking place at VAULT Festival 2019 (23 January – 17 March).

Who’s It For?

Prospective writers over the age of 18, who have never had a full-length play staged before. Absolute beginners are strongly encouraged to apply.

What Does It Involve?

Six selected participants will receive mentoring and support to draft a 60 minute piece for stage. A 10 minute extract will be guest directed, produced and performed at a showcase evening on Saturday 16th March at VAULT Festival to an audience made up of invited industry and the public.

The VAULT Festival New Writers Programme offers a total introduction to writing for stage and is therefore not a programme for people who have previously taken part in writing courses. We will start right at the beginning, introducing the basics, with the course being non-patronising and inclusive.

Who’s Behind It?

The VAULT Festival New Writers Programme is designed and developed by playwright and screenwriter Camilla Whitehill (Where Do Little Birds Go?, Mr Incredible, Freeman) in partnership with Gillian Greer, Head of Theatre for VAULT Festival 2019.

How to Apply

Applications for the VAULT Festival New Writers Programme are now open! The deadline for applications is 6pm, Saturday 1st December 2018. To apply, click here.

Further Information

“refreshingly accessible”

Exeuent Magazine, on last year’s VAULT New Writers Award

The VAULT Festival New Writers Programme aims to engage those with a keen interest in writing for the stage but who may not know how to start; people from backgrounds that make it difficult for them to break into the creative industries; and those who have not had their voice heard.

We aim to provide an accessible, unpretentious and open-door route into writing for the stage; mentorship, support and industry exposure, through a respected programme and platform that encourages new writers who may not have had the opportunity to explore and realise their potential.

Weekly 3-hour weekend sessions will involve workshops and mentoring delivered by the team of industry professionals, guiding participants through the process of writing a 1-hour play. Each week guest practitioners including writers, agents, directors, producers, theatre publishers, dramaturgs and actors will deliver exclusive masterclasses designed to demystify the ways in which a creative team work together to achieve the end goal – getting a play from page to stage!

Access to an extensive play script library and an 8 week VAULT Festival Pass will allow successful applicants to immerse themselves in the world of theatrical writing, and benefit from weekly trips to see VAULT shows free of charge (with lively post-show discussions encouraged!), with the aim to introduce different ways of making work for the stage and to find what styles and genres appeal to them as individual artists.

At the end of the 8 weeks, a 10 minute extract of all plays developed under the programme will be cast, guest directed and rehearsed over the final week of the course, before being presented as part of an exciting industry showcase performance during the last weekend of VAULT Festival 2019.