New Writers Programme

What Is It?

The VAULT New Writers Programme offers a total introduction to writing for stage. This 8 week practical course starts right at the beginning, guiding you through the basics of playwriting in an accessible and inclusive way. The course started on Saturday 22nd May 2021 and culminated in a professionally produced showcase performance on Sunday 11th July 2021.

Who’s It For?

Prospective writers over the age of 18, who have an interest in writing for the stage but who have never had a full-length play staged before or received any professional training in writing for the stage.

Absolute beginners are strongly encouraged to apply and we are particularly keen to hear from people whose backgrounds make it challenging for them to break into the creative industries.

What Does It Involve?

Six selected participants will receive mentoring and support to draft a 60 minute piece for the stage. The programme is made up of weekly 3-hour sessions, which take place every Saturday afternoon, 2pm-5pm. Workshops involve practical instruction, group discussion, and guest speakers. Participants will also be encouraged to attend group trips to see shows, including streamed performances and if possible, live theatre.

A 10 minute extract of the piece developed as part of the New Writers Programme will be performed at a showcase evening on Sunday 11th July to an audience made up of invited industry and the public. The pieces will be produced by VAULT Festival, performed by professional actors, and directed by participants on the New Directors Programme that runs alongside the New Writers Programme.

The VAULT New Writers Programme offers a total introduction to writing for stage and is therefore not a programme for people who have previously had a full length play staged before or have taken part in writing courses.

Who’s Behind It?

The VAULT New Writers Programme is led by award winning writer and Executive Director of the Thelmas, Guleraana Mir. The programme is being supported by WarnerMedia, the leading media and entertainment company which is committed to increasing access to and driving participation in the creative industries. The New Writers Programme is also proudly supported by leading theatre publishers and performing rights agents, Nick Hern Books.

Meet the Participants!

We’re delighted to introduce the participants for the VAULT New Writers Programme 2021.

A collage of the headshots of the six participants on the New Writers Programme
From top left, clockwise: Enyu Li, Fatima Serghini, Faye Acheampong, Jasmine Naziha Jones, John Moore, Rosalind Watt.

Enyu Li

Enyu is a Taiwanese-British writer and actor. She hails from Shropshire and is based in London She is interested in narratives that are playful and dark. She is excited to meet fellow writers on the New Writers Programme and developing a new play that puts morally dubious, female characters centre-stage.

Fatima Serghini

Born and raised in West London’s eclectic Ladbroke Grove, Fatima has gone from working in the New York fashion industry to becoming an emerging new playwright. “Growing up with a father in the circus introduced me to live performance early on. Writing for theatre became my way to express myself. I am delighted to be in a creative space with other new writers and excited to be making our own original work.”

Faye Acheampong

Faye is a freelance writer from East London. As a newcomer, Faye is most excited to receive an official introduction to playwrighting, to explore the realm of their own imagination and to push themselves to new creative limits – a total creative rebirth. Faye loves poppy and quirky theatre that centres Black-British womanhood.

Jasmine Naziha Jones

Jasmine is an actor and loves form-breaking theatre and anything clown-based. Jasmine is excited to learn some more left-brained approaches to writing; technical skills, ways to generate ideas and is really looking forward to support from the New Writers Programme in the development of a play.

John Moore

John is Brighton based and never quite recovered from calling his teacher ‘Mum’ in Year 8. John loves theatre that is both frightening and comical, and is thrilled to be part of the New Writers Programme. John is looking forward to meeting and learning from the experiences of other writers, hopefully challenging himself in the process.

Rosalind Watt

Rosalind is a Scottish theatre maker recently moved to London. Rosalind adores theatre that combines a variety of styles, allowing the audience to be transported as a story is brought to life. Rosalind is looking forward to working with inspiring people, honing their skills and building a full script with real potential.

Past Participants of the New Writers Programme

The New Writers Programme was developed in 2018 to provide an accessible, unpretentious and open-door route into writing for the stage. Now in its 4th year, the programme has welcomed a number of participants from a range of backgrounds, all with a passion for writing for the stage.

Class of 2020: Aaliyah Al-Lawal, Yasmine Dankwah, Matt Gurr, Sara Jewell, Drew Paterson, Angie Peña-Arenas

Class of 2019: Sahra Ali, Ramsey Hussain, Elisabeth Lewerenz, Matt Neubauer, Jenny Novitzky, Esohe Uwadiae

Class of 2018: Nkenna Akunna, Joshua Asare, Sam Cormor, Chloë Florence, Ifrah Ismail, Leila Nashef, Lillian Pierce, Nicola Maisie Taylor


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