Opportunities FAQs

These are frequently asked questions sent in about our New Writers Programme and New Directors Programme. If your question is not answered below, feel free to email us at [email protected].

General FAQs

Is it necessary to be in London and physically present for all of these opportunities? Are any of them possible to join remotely?

For the VAULT New Writers & VAULT New Directors Programmes, the programmes are most fulfilling when attended in person so are primarily aimed at people in or close to London to encourage physical attendance wherever possible. We encourage participants to attend all the sessions if they can but we should be able to make provisions for someone to join remotely in specific circumstances. We are also exploring ways that some sessions may be able to be joined remotely on a one-off basis.

How much does it cost?

Both the New Writers Programme and New Directors Programme are free to take part in.

I would still be 17 for some of the course sessions. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately all participants need to be 18+ at the start of the programmes. This won’t be the last time we run these programmes though, so hopefully you’ll be able to apply next time around.

New Writers Programme

What is classed as professional training?

We’re classing “professional training” as being part of a writing course, studying dramatic writing at university, or having your work staged in a fringe/professional setting. One-off masterclasses are exempt.

Are there rules around the 5 pages we have to submit? Do they need to be from the project we are hoping to develop with the programme, and can they be from a short piece that has been performed before (eg, scratch night?)

Submissions must be five pages, no more and no less. This enables us to judge all applications on an even level. Your five pages can be about anything you want, and they can take any form – they only need to be written to be performed on the stage. Feel free to use something that has been performed before if you feel that will best support your application, but remember, this course is for applicants who have never had a full-length play (60mins +) performed before.

New Directors Programme

It says you must never have had a full length play staged before. Does university theatre count? I directed a couple of plays at university as part of the society. Am I still eligible to apply?

We’re not counting university society theatre as something that would make you ineligible. We understand that university theatre is a different ecosystem. If the shows were part of a university directors course, we would count this as professional training and then you wouldn’t be eligible.


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