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Applications for VAULT Festival are currently closed.Below you can find out more about what we look for in an application, as well as our artistic ambitions.

Artistic Ambitions

Our goal is to create a high quality programme of bold and innovative shows that are stylistically and narratively varied, that showcase underrepresented artists & stories and gives them space to thrive, and which will attract an audience with the widest range of interests and demographics possible and inspire them to fill their lives with creativity.

We programme across a wide spectrum of live performance styles; including all kinds of theatre, comedy, musicals, clowning, cabaret, burlesque, circus, drag, opera, podcasts, dance, escape rooms, huge parties, immersive experiences, tech-driven hybrid shows, and things we haven’t thought of yet.

We aim to keep the programme creatively fresh and exciting. We’re interested in work that is pushing the boundaries of live performance, telling stories that haven’t been heard before, and affecting positive change in the world.

We programme work that is relevant for now. We programme work that is political – both directly and indirectly. We programme artists who are underrepresented in the arts sector. We give a platform to voices & stories that haven’t been heard before. We programme work that is fun & entertaining. We want a programme where something can be fun AND representative, entertaining AND showcasing an “unheard” voice.

By doing so, we hope to provide the opportunity for early, mid-career, and more established artists to showcase and try out new work, hone their skills, and give them the space, support, and courage to try, fail, and succeed, brilliantly.

Programming Strategies

We want our programming to be fair and accessible. We programme through the following ways:

• Open Applications. (around 80% of our programming)
— Anyone can apply. There are no application fees. We take every application on its merits to ensure a fair and democratic process.
• Direct Invitations (around 15%)
— We reach out to shows or artists to invite them to present work at the Festival
• Programming Partners & Awards (around 5%)
— We work with partners, venues, and organisations to co-programme specific slots through “takeovers” and our “Programming Awards”.

Programming Categories

We have thirteen broad programming categories, they don’t affect the likelihood of being programmed. The programming categories help us understand how you and your audience will see your show, how it will be categorised in our promotional materials, and which of our team will be the primary programmer for that show.

Musicals & Gig Theatre
Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus
Cabaret, Circus & Burlesque
Spoken Word & Poetry
Mixed Bill, Podcasts, & Variety
Performance Art, Live Art, & Installations
Live Music
Lates (Immersive or Themed Parties & Events)
Site Specific, Immersive, & Digital-Live Hybrid
Pop-Ups & Vehicle Venues


Applications for VAULT Festival 2023 are now closed. For your reference you can still access our 2023 Application Guide here to learn more about applying to VAULT Festival in the future, and you can also access our Resources For Participants here.

Looking to Work on or Perform in Shows Programmed at VAULT Festival?

We encourage our artists to use #VAULTConnect when posting casting and creative call outs so use that hashtag when you’re searching socials. We also encourage our artists to list their casting and creative opportunities on the following sites:

• Facebook Groups such as UK Theatre Producers, Technical Theatre Industry Networking and Jobs Group and Early Career Artists & Practitioners Network.

So check out those listings sites too!


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