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Applications for VAULT Festival 2023 have now closed.

Applications for VAULT Festival 2023 closed at 8pm on Monday 18th July. The below information is for informational purposes only.

Welcome to the VAULT Festival Application Guide. Here you’ll find the information you need to apply to be part of VAULT Festival 2023.

VAULT Festival will take place in Waterloo (London) from Tuesday 24th January – Sunday 19th March 2023 (closed on Mondays).

The deadline for applications is 8pm on Monday 18th July 2022.

Applications received after the deadline are unlikely to be considered.

We aim to respond to all applications by the middle of September.

Accessible Applications

Applications can be in written, audio, or video format. These are all submitted via Eventotron – an online arts management system. If your show is accepted into VAULT Festival, we’ll use Eventotron for gathering the information we need from you.

If uploading a video or audio application, please:

• Upload your video or audio file to a hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and include the link on your Application Form
• State the Title of the show and your artist/company name at the start of the recording
• Read out the question you’re answering before starting your response
• Keep your responses to under one minute per question

The recording doesn’t need to be professionally edited or cut, recorded on a camera phone in your living room is fine.

Application Support

We’ve tried to include everything we think applicants need to know in this Guide, including FAQs, but there will always be things we’ve missed. To cover more specific questions, we’ll be hosting a series of events to help answer any questions you may have. These are: These are:

Live Facebook Q&A, 12pm-1pm, Wednesday 22nd June 2022.
Live Twitter Ask Us Anything, 12pm-1pm, Tuesday 12th July 2022.

Keep in the Loop

If you want to be notified when we announce performance opportunities, networking events, and other artist development opportunities, you can sign up to our artist opportunities mailing list here.
Or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for all the latest.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or if you’d like to invite us to see your show, you can reach us on: [email protected].


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