Application Guide

“…a vibrant, varied programme full of theatrical treats.”
The Stage

Welcome to the VAULT Festival 2020 Application Guide. In these pages you’ll find all the information you need to apply to be a part of VAULT Festival 2020, including selection criteria, artistic aims, technical specifications, timelines, and the financial deal. It’s important that all applicants understand the financial and practical commitments of being part of the Festival before applying.

The Early Bird deadline for applications is 18:00 on Friday the 26th July. Applying by the Early Bird deadline gives us a much greater chance of being able to see your production if it’s on elsewhere, and a longer period for consideration.

The Final Deadline for applications is 18:00 on Friday 16th August 2019.

Please note that applications received after this point aren’t likely to be programmed.


Artists apply to VAULT Festival using Eventotron, an online database of events. If your production is accepted into the festival, we’ll then use Eventotron for all our important company communications and information gathering. Please make sure to get up to speed with Eventotron in good time before the application deadline.

Accessible Applications

If forms aren’t your thing, some longer-form questions allow you to upload a video response instead of writing out your answer. There are certain admin questions that you will still need to fill in, but there’s a “Video Response” option to look out for on the longer ones.

With your video responses, please make sure…

…to state the Production Title of the show you’re applying with and your artist/company name at the start of the video
…to read out the question you’re answering before stating your response
…that the audio can be heard clearly
…to keep your response to under one minute per question.
…to upload your video to a hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and include the link on your Application Form.

The video doesn’t need to be professionally edited or cut, filmed on a camera phone in your living room is fine.