Application Question Guidance

We’ve created this guidance to help with the “longer form” questions in the application form. We encourage you to read this alongside the “Artistic Criteria & Selection” section of this guidance which indicates what we’re looking for.

Why VAULT Festival

We’d like to know a bit about why you think VAULT Festival is a good fit for you and/or your show.

• What are you hoping to get out of your run at VAULT Festival (for you and/or the show)?
• How would taking part in VAULT Festival help you develop the show and/or your skills and/or your career?
• What does VAULT Festival offer you or your show that isn’t available elsewhere?


What’s the show about? What does it explore?

• What’s the story, themes and/or central ideas?
• How does your show fit into the existing discourse or exploration of these concepts
• What makes this story or narrative interesting? Or different to what may have been told before?
• Why do you want to tell this story, now?


Tell us how the concept will be delivered, and what form it takes (e.g. “it’s a game show format where the audience are taking part in questions which determine the future of the contestants, who are actors”).

• How is the show presented? What form does it take?
• How will the show look, sound and feel for the audience?
• Any stylistic influences or comparisons?
• Any practical or design elements you know or think may be included? (e.g. set design, use of technology, audience-interaction)
• Any areas you think are particularly innovative or interesting?
• What makes this show stand out from the crowd?

Primary Target Audience

Who are the particular kind of audience (demographic, geographic, interest-based) that’d be interested in coming to your show? Be specific – your show may be ‘for everyone’ but are there people for whom it will appeal more?

Marketing Plan

How are you going to reach your target audience, and then how are you going to persuade them to attend? VAULT Festival does not have a captive audience in the same way that Edinburgh does, so a strong and specific marketing plan is essential and really boost your application’s likelihood of success.

Newsworthy Features

What is newsworthy about the show that the press may be interested in?

• Does your show deal with important or current topics or themes?
• Do you have any high-profile cast or team members?
• Does your own background, or the journey of the show, make for an interesting story?
• Is the content or the style of the show particularly eye-catching?

Sustainability, Accessibility & Inclusivity

Here you have space to tell us more about how you or your show may work in relation to these areas. This could be how the show is made, the composition of your team & cast, or how the audience may interact or access it. Concise bullet-pointed answers are encouraged. Tell us how you intend to make your show in an accessible, inclusive and/or sustainable-way or accessible & inclusive to its audience?

• Is the artist/show demonstrating a commitment to working in a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive way?
• Are the commitments achievable & realistic?

Responses to these questions are optional, please only complete them if you’re committed to delivering the things you list and they are realistic and achievable.

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