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Our core audience demographic are London & just-outside-of-London-based, 25-45 year olds who engage in culture and experiences. They are often actively engaged on social media and are actively seeking out fun, exciting, or interesting things to do. We also attract a large number of artists, makers, and industry professionals actively seeking new and exciting work.

Our audience is a predominantly “Friends & Family” audience. Shows that sell out their runs always have a solid foundation of Friends & Family audience to anchor their new audience campaigns. They reach this audience by directly asking them individually to come and see their work.

Artists & Shows that are based outside of London (both domestic and international) have had success at VAULT Festival, but they have to work harder in order to get an audience as they tend to lack the foundation of a local “Friends & Family” audience.

Box Office

We run a central Box Office through Eventotron where we sell all tickets for all shows. Our internal Box Office team are available throughout the run up and live times of the Festival to help you with anything you might need.

Ticket Price Bands

Accessible pricing is an important part of VAULT Festival’s objectives. We’re continuing to explore new ways to keep our ticket pricing affordable to audiences and for our artists’ work to be valued fairly. This includes exploring offering a Pay More If You Can Pricing model across the festival with set minimums to ensure the artists know what their bottom line is. Encouraging audiences to pay more if they can afford to, but keeping prices affordable for those who can’t.

Each price band has three tiers. All tiers are available to everyone, and no proof is required to access the minimum band.

Minimum: Suggestions include Students / Front Line Workers / NHS Staff / Low Income or Unemployed / Artists & Concessions – No ID Required
— Anyone can choose the lower price band, we’ve put in a few suggestions of whom that price may be suitable for but we won’t be asking for ID or checking which price band audience have selected at the door.
Standard: The price of a “standard” ticket.
Pay More if You Can: the clue’s in the name. If audiences can, paying a bit more for their ticket will make a big difference to the artists behind every show and ensures we’re able to continue offering the most affordable ticket prices for live performance in London.

In 2020, our average ticket price (taking into account any discounts & offers, but not including the Festival Contribution – see below) was £10.40 which we’re looking to increase slightly to greater support the artists delivering the work.

These are the price band categories you can select in your application:

Price Band Standard Minimum Pay More If You Can Used For
AA £6.00 £5.00 £8.50 Comedy WIPs only
A £8.50 £6.50 £13.50 Work in progress, rehearsed readings, scratches
B £13.50 £11.50 £18.50 Developed shows, shows aiming to be finished, premieres
C £17.50 £15.50 £23.50 Larger shows, larger casts & venue
D £23.50 £20.50 £28.50 Immersive / interactive shows, larger scale casts & venues, shows with an existing audience.

The “Festival Contribution” (aka Booking Fee)

We add £1.50 to the outside of every ticket, called the Festival Contribution (FC), a per-ticket cost paid directly from audiences to the Festival. It doesn’t feature in any of the calculations you’ll be looking at to work out income, Venue Costs Guarantee, box office revenue, or appear on your reports. However, we do publicly list our ticket prices including the Festival Contribution to avoid any surprises when customers get to the check out. The prices listed above are excluding the Festival Contribution, £1.50.

Festival Wide Offers

We offer a range of offers across the festival to encourage ticket sales. Our festival wide offers will be circulated to you as a part of your contract so you can factor them into your budgeting. These offers include memberships, group discounts, or multi-buy discounts and are in the region of 10% to £1 off.

Beyond festival wide offers we never discount your tickets without your explicit consent.


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