Key Information


VAULT Festival will take place in February and March 2023.

Time Slots & Run Lengths

Standard slots at VAULT Festival are 60 minutes, so we are more likely to be able to programme shows which run at 45-59 min.

Note for 2023, we have altered our programming approach for some of the medium (Cavern, Network Theatre) and larger (Crescent, Forge/The Flair Ground) venues to reduce the number of slots per day/evening, and allow for a longer (45mins-1 hour) turnaround between shows. This has three major benefits: 1) it allows shows to run longer – up to 75 minutes (90mins on occasion) – if agreed in advance. 2) it enables shows to be more technically ambitious with longer to set up/pack down. 3) it creates a kinder, nicer working environment for our staff and artists.

Theatre shows (of all kinds) tend to be programmed for a full week run (5-7 performances including a matinee) or 1-3 performances across a week. Occasionally we offer longer runs. It may be possible to do performances split across different weeks.

Comedy shows tend to be programmed in one or two night runs, occasionally up to a full week run (5-7 performances).

Late Night Programming (cabaret, burlesque, drag, surreal, comedy) tend to be programmed in slots after 10pm for runs of 1-4 shows, often across multiple weeks, on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

Site Specific, Immersive, Digital-Live Hybrid, Pop-Ups, & Vehicle Venues tend to be programmed for 1-4 weeks often with multiple performance entries of each happening per evening/weekend and their slot lengths are bespoke to the show.

Lates take place every Friday & Saturday in the Flair Ground from 10.30pm-2/3am.

Family shows tend to be programmed at the weekends in the earlier (2pm) slots and often across more than one weekend.


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