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VAULT Festival is about breadth, variety and excitement. Each year our marketing and PR teams work with the programmers to tell a story about what makes this VAULT Festival unique and unmissable. If your application is successful, that’s where you come in. We believe VAULT Festival 2020 will have something for everyone, but we need visiting companies to reach out to new and old audiences alike.

The division of labour is this: we do our best to make people aware of the festival, and visiting companies take responsibility for getting people into their show.

To succeed, all shows need good marketing strategies of their own. From print advertising to press engagement and social media, our team will be doing everything possible to make London and the arts community aware of the festival – but it’s up to you to make the most of that, by bringing your current networks and audiences to the party, and getting them all along to see your show. We’ll provide as much helpful information and advice as we can, including a VAULT Festival Marketing Toolkit to get you up and running.

Engaging audiences is about more than just convincing them to buy tickets. We ask to see a basic Marketing Strategy from you when you make your application so we can be sure you know what the challenges and opportunities are, and give us a feel for why you think audiences are going to enjoy what you’ve made.

VAULT Festival will provide:

Visiting Companies are responsible for:


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