Run Length & Time Slots

VAULT Festival runs from the 28th January to the 22nd of March, 2020.

We’re live from Tuesdays to Sundays throughout the period. On weekdays, we open at 5.30pm with shows starting on or just before 6pm, and at weekends we open at 2.30pm, with shows starting on or just before 3pm.

Most slots at VAULT Festival are suitable for a performance of 60 minutes, so we are more likely to be able to programme shows which run at under an hour. Site Specific, Immersive, Pop-Ups & Vehicle Venue slots tend to be more bespoke to the show’s requirements.

Theatre shows (of all kinds) tend to be either programmed for a full week run (5-7 performances including a matinee) or one-three performances across a week. Occasionally we offer two week runs, and very occasionally, longer runs. It may be possible to do performances split across different weeks (i.e one performance in week 1, a second performance in week 6, but these can be harder to accommodate so we don’t tend to do too many of these.

Comedy shows tend to be programmed in one or two night runs, occasionally up to a full week run (5-7 performances)

Family shows tend to be programmed at the weekends in the earlier (3pm) slots and often across more than one weekend.

Site Specific, Immersive, Pop-Ups & Vehicle Venues tend to be programmed for 1-4 weeks often with multiple performance entries of each happening per evening/weekend.

Later night shows (cabaret, burlesque, surreal, comedy) known as our “Twilight programme” tend to be programmed on Thursday & Friday nights starting after 10pm.

The Lates take place every Saturday from 22:30-03:00 in the main bar space.


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