Services & Costs

There are a number of services we can provide, and associated costs, which are helpful to consider prior to making an application.

Operators and Technical Crew

All productions are required to be self-sufficient in the provision of technical crew and operators to facilitate their get in / get out / turnaround.

The Festival can provide Technicians and Operators if booked in advance.

As part of your deal, we provide a Venue Manager per space to manage the turnarounds between shows and the timely running of the performance space. This person will not be present during your Tech.

During your technical rehearsal, our technical staff will be able to spend up to 15 minutes with you facilitating your requirements. If you require more help than this, you should book additional technical crew – either through us or your own contacts.

During your show run, our Venue Manager will assist with your turnaround but considerations should be made as to whether you need additional crew on top of this.

Please note that whilst operators and technicians will be from our crew, we cannot guarantee the same operator for each rehearsal or performance due to the festival’s rota.


Operator (Full Show Operation): £25 + VAT per 1-hour Show
Operator (Lights Up/Lights Down): £8.33 + VAT per 1-hour Show
Tech / Dress Session: £12.50 + VAT per Hour (minimum 2 hrs)

*Operators are not specialist Technicians – if you require someone who can programme lighting or mix bands please select the Lighting, Sound or Video Technicians instead.


Tech / Dress / Shows £17.50 +vat per hour (minimum 2 hrs)

**Lighting Technicians can programme moving lights and LED fixtures.
**Sound Technicians can mix live bands and programme Qlab.
**Video Technicians can setup and configure multi-projector setups, video map, & programme.


You are responsible for paying any relevant PPL PRS license fees. Often this is done via the festival. If you are using a song written by someone else and/or it’s recorded, you will be liable to pay a license fee.

Incidental Music – PLAYS

Description: Audience Entry / Exit music, background music
Fee: £12+VAT per week – deducted from your box office.

Interpolated Music – PLAYS

Description: Music that can be heard by the characters or is reacted to by the actors
Fee: You pay PPL PRS Ltd directly for the use of that piece.

Variety / Cabaret Shows

Description: Cabaret, musicals, variety shows
Fee: 2.5% of your Gross Box Office takings. We deduct the cost from your box office receipts.

Recitals or Concerts

Description: Performances that are entirely or nearly entirely music based
Fee: Can be up to 6% of your net box office takings. You pay PPL PRS Ltd directly.

LATES Events

Description: Ticketed parties / events
Fee: 4.2% of your net box office takings which will be deducted from your box office and paid on your behalf


You will need to provide us with proof of Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £2 million. There are many PLI providers which offer specific performance insurance, such as Wrightsure. Short-run technically simple performances (such as stand up comedy) will be automatically opted-in to a PLI waiver for a minimal charge, which you can opt-out of later if you provide your own insurance documentation.


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