What’s Included?

To promote fairness & equity across our programme, all our artists will receive (& need to provide) the following:

As standard, you’ll receive:

• A box office split of 70/30 in your favour (unless you opt for the “Financial Relief Deal”)
• Marketing & PR support as part of the overall festival promotional campaign
• Access to a series of pre- & during- Festival artist development workshops
• Access to 1:1 “clinics” with the VAULT Festival team pre- & during- the festival
• Support from the VAULT Festival team

You’ll provide:

• The Show – ready to perform – including any rights required (including a PPL PRS declaration)
• The cast & crew needed to deliver your show, including your tech rehearsal and show operation.
• Public Liability Insurance for the show to a minimum of £2 million.
• A Risk Assessment including a a section on COVID-19 management
• Images, copy, and credits for marketing
• A marketing & PR campaign for your show

You’ll decide:

• Whether to opt into the Financial Relief Deal
• Your minimum ticket price on a “Pay More If You Can” model
• Whether to provide your own technical crew for your get in and a show operator or to book them through us
• Whether to sign up to any optional extra marketing, sales, technical, rehearsal space, and insurance offers with us

We’ll provide:

• The Venue for the times and dates of your show
• The equipment in the tech spec (though the tech spec & equipment is subject to change)
• Box Office & FOH services & facilities including regular sales reports
• Arts Industry Services & Networking Events
• Guidance on how to make your show a success with us & beyond.
• Event Management, Event Licenses, Event Insurance, and Security provisions
• Technical Staff to facilitate the turnarounds between shows in each venue
• Bars & food provision for audiences
• A PR & Marketing Campaign for the overall festival
• COVID-19 Regulations management


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