A VAULT Festival team member stands in an auditorium ready to welcome audience members to the space.

“Sweetly inventive and brazenly original… the loudest, proudest arts and culture environment in the capital”

VAULT Festival encompasses a wide range of activities from all kinds of cutting-edge artists, utilising the skills of an astonishing events team and theatre professionals. There are a number of ways in which you can participate.

Perform With Us

Everything you need to know about applying to be part of VAULT Festival.

Our Venues

Overview of VAULT Festival venues including capacities, tech specs, accessibility information & more.

Resources For Artists

The one stop shop for everything artists performing at VAULT Festival will need, from key information and deadlines, to marketing, press and technical support.

Video Resources for Artists

A range of video resources including workshops, talks from industry professionals, live Q&As, and more, all completely free to watch.

Programming Awards

Each year VAULT Festival collaborates with partner organisations to offer Programming Awards in a number of categories.

VAULT Festival Awards

Our Awards recognise exceptional shows and the outstanding contributions of our artists each and every festival.

Interested in joining the VAULT Festival Team?

We’re often looking for dynamic and committed people to join our team. Head over to Work With Us to view our latest opportunities.

Looking to Work on or Perform in Shows Programmed at VAULT Festival?

We encourage our artists to use #VAULTConnect when posting casting and creative call outs so use that hashtag when you’re searching socials. We also encourage our artists to list their casting and creative opportunities on the following sites:

• Facebook Groups such as UK Theatre Producers, Technical Theatre Industry Networking and Jobs Group and Early Career Artists & Practitioners Network.

So check out those listings sites too!


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